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Hypnosis planned for exam nerves - The Times


CHILDREN as young as ten are to be offered hypnosis by an education authority to calm their nerves before exams.
Pupils in the Kirklees area, West Yorkshire, will be taught breathing and meditation exercises to use before national curriculum tests, GCSEs and A levels. If the experiment is successful, psychologists plan to use the techniques to help raise standards in its schools throughout the year.

Dr Phil Jones, the Kirkless Education Authorityís senior educational psychologist and a trained hypnotist, will supervise the trials. He urged parents to forget negative images of stage hypnotists and claimed that he could begin to achieve results within two sessions with volunteer pupils.

Dr Jones said the children, who will work in groups, would not be put in a trance. However, they would experience an ìaltered stateî, which would aid their concentration.

The Kirklees psychologists have used hypnosis with children previously on an individual basis, like other education authorities, Dr Jones said, adding: ìWe have had good results, and parents have been delighted with it.î

Two schools have already expressed interest in the hypnosis scheme.


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