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Hypnotherapy for High Blood Pressure


Paul Howard:
Hi folks,

I hope you're all doing well? Hopefully I have something here that will get you even more clients.

Over the last few years I've been doing a lot of research and work with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and have created a hypnotherapy treatment programme called HypnotensionTM.

I was planning to launch it at the NCH Extravaganza, but I thought I would give all the SICH ex students the opportunity at this reduced rate. It opens up a completely new revenue stream with clients that you would not normally be able to target. The public launch will not be until the new year. However, you need to get trained to deliver the programme. The training is done online with a series of 16 videos covering all the aspects of hypnotherapy and high blood pressure.

You can see the first video free.  Simply go to the registration page and sign up for the free sampler. If you want to go on and sign up as a Hypnotension Practitioner now it will cost just ?70.  This includes all the training and the first year's accreditation. After the early bird period it will be ?197 so don't delay.

High blood pressure affects approximately one in three people worldwide so it's a huge market for clients (over 16 million people in the UK alone!). That puts it on a par with weight loss and makes it bigger than smoking.

Hardly anyone is offering help with it, and yet the difference we can make is huge. Plus clients are quite happy to tell their friends - high blood pressure doesn't have the taboo that anxiety, etc, has.

I'm hoping that by offering my approach to other practitioners, we can get enough momentum to really make a difference here. High blood pressure accounts for over 20% of all deaths worldwide, so we can literally save lives here.

And that is a really great feeling, I can tell you.

When you are an accredited practitioner you are able to use the Accredited Practitioner logo on your website and you can use our trademark in your advertising. We will be sending out a lot of marketing support in the way of press releases and our own advertising campaign.

Hypnotension website

Ps - the earlybird launch will end shortly after the NCH Extravaganza.

Paul Howard

The The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy Team.


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