Therapy Marketing Course

The Ultimate Therapy Marketing Course

Learn How The Top 1% of Therapists Make Running A Stunningly Successful Practice EASY by following 5 Simple Golden Rules

This 4 day course is designed to ensure the therapist has a simple, yet HIGHLY effective, strategy to succeed in their therapy business. It is an essential part of the new therapists training, but if your existing training didn’t include this it may be why you’re light on clients.

It teaches the therapist, some easy to implement, proven techniques on how to take massive action to create a highly successful clinic or practice.

therapy marketing

This module includes the following :-

  • Massive action – It’s not hard, but most therapists don’t get it.
  • Learn the secrets to creating a website to get on Google page 1 and actually build your website on the course!
  • What is search engine optimisation (SEO) and do I need it? We make it easy.
  • We all know that advertising doesn’t work. So what does?
  • What did Saatchi and Saatchi keep secret about Google Adwords.
  • Tricks that make it cheaper and easier for you to do online advertising .
  • Social Marketing – The easy way to create great content for your fan page with just one click.

At the end of this course, you can have your own website built, optimised for the search engines and ready for business.

The Ultimate Therapy Marketing programme – What is it?

The purpose of this course is to give you direct access to the most effective, proven and powerful therapy marketing and business success strategies to grow your practice, attract large numbers of new clients and significantly increase your profits.

Is your practice turning over at least £50K per year?

The top 1% of therapy practices achieve results that are vastly superior to the norm. When you look in-depth at what these practices are doing, it soon becomes clear that their success was no accident. They are using a series of advanced, yet remarkably simple marketing strategies that give them levels of success that their competitors can only dream of.

£50k a year is achievable with very little marketing effort. Of course, you have to see some clients. But isn’t that what you became a therapist for?

Most therapists waste thousands when they start up in practice!”

When we started we did just that. We threw large amounts of money at our marketing believing that we would get lots of clients. Don’t make the same expensive and foolish mistakes we did. Learn how to navigate skilfully through the minefield of marketing with some easy to follow rules.

You will learn the secrets of successful internet marketing. When you use these strategies in your hypnotherapy practice you will save thousands. They will let you effectively market your practice on a shoestring budget.

Hypnotherapy marketing on a shoestring – Learn how

For years now, The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy has been taking the ‘best of the best’ of these strategies and translating them into simple marketing steps that any individual or practice can implement.

The results have been dramatic and during this course, you too will discover precisely how to implement the most effective marketing tools and skills available to grow your practice.

This course also brings together the latest exciting developments in Internet Marketing. We will be sharing with you the cutting edge breakthroughs that will give you an incredible advantage.

One important point: The power of this material should not be underestimated – but that power is entirely dependent on your willingness to take action and implement what you are about to learn. Ultimately, it is this ability to follow through that sets great practices apart from the rest. To make it as easy as possible for you to do this, you will create your own marketing plan or ‘blueprint’. Your blueprint will show you, step by step, what you need to do to implement everything we cover.

We hope that your decision to take this course will represent a significant milestone in the life of your business, as you master a set of highly effective tools and strategies that will impact your levels of income and success – as well as the pleasure and fulfilment that you get from helping your clients to achieve their goals. You can take your therapy marketing to another level.

Trainer: Paul Howard, Former NCH Marketing Director, Fellow of the NCH

Courses availability and dates

Course: Marketing Module
Date: 17th June 2024
Location: London/Surrey
Spaces: 6 Places
Price: £650
Course: Marketing Module
Date: 18th November 2024
Location: London/Surrey
Spaces: 6 Places
Price: £650
Course: Marketing Module
Date: 2nd June 2025
Location: London/Surrey
Spaces: 6 Places
Price: £650

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    10 thoughts on “Therapy Marketing Course”

    1. This is a fantastic course, packed full of up-to-the-minute information on how to use the latest online marketing techniques to create a successful and thriving therapy practice. The course is structured really well – typically teaching various overarching strategic online marketing approaches (always delivered within the context of a hypnotherapy practice) then showing participants step-by-step how to drill down into each of these online marketing strategies by actually creating full simulated online marketing campaigns together. I have come away with all the knowledge I need to create highly-targeted campaigns to drive customers to my business. I have also come away enthused and excited because of the encouraging, upbeat and generous way in which the course is delivered, always allowing all participants to consider their learning within the framework of their individual business. Thank you for such an impactful, comprehensive and enjoyable course. Brilliant stuff!

    2. I completed the marketing course in November 2012 and found it intense but extremely worthwhile. The course was practical and interactive with plenty of assistance available for sorting out any hitches. By the end of the course I had learnt how to set up and manage a website. How to set up Adword campaigns and how to start attracting clients to my practise. Clearly Paul’s depth of knowledge and experience (not to mention, patience) in this subject is immense which was evident by how everyone, irrespective of their level of IT know-how, completed the course with at least a basic website in place. The follow up support has been extremely helpful for which I am very grateful.

    3. This is a truly great course! Paul’s knowledge on marketing is second to none! This course showed me the the importance of marketing your own business, and without having to pay another company large amounts of money to do so. I knew very little about SEO before I attended this course, but by the end of it, I came away very excited about how to market my business in the future. You actually start building your own website with WordPress on the course. Paul also offers great support after the course has finished which you don’t get from many other courses.

      If you are serious about marketing your own business, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND attending this course, it’s superb!

    4. Hi I attended the marketing course in november 2012. It is a great course. It was a full on and covered lots of different angles in the 4 days.
      It was hard work but well worth the effort. I am sure that everything I have learnt will be put to good use as I build my new career.

    5. An excellent course that inspires and gives you the confidence to hit the marketplace. The fact that you can set-up and SEO your own website has been unmeasurable. Before the course I thought I needed a third party to create my website, but you wouldn’t believe how glad I am that I didn’t, and that I attended this course instead. Additionally, you will gain insight into the world of marketing and start developing your own ideas and plans whilst on the course. Thanks so much SICH for the inspiration!!!

    6. I found this site through a Google search and I thought it could be very interesting but after going through what the course looks at and then by having a look at your website it is clear that you don’t do many of the things that are now seen as a bear minimum in local marketing.
      You mention “social marketing” and how to set up a Facebook page but you don’t seem to have a Facebook page of your own. It is essential to have a geographically specific phone number these days as Google mistrusts local businesses with an 0800 number but you don’t have a local number.
      There are too many incongruities in your course and how you present yourself.
      It is a real shame as your course sounded very promising.

      • Thank you for your comments on our marketing course.

        Let me answer both statements. We do indeed have a Facebook page and have had since 2010 Further we also have Google+ and over 20,000 followers on Twitter. So your statement that we do not have a social media presence is a little off the mark I’m afraid. Furthermore we have over 1400 Facebook likes and 104 Google+1. The reason you could not find our Facebook page is that we use social media as an inbound funnel for clients, not the other way round. Whereas I notice on your site you have very few likes so that might be an area you could work on.

        As to a local number we feel it is very important that potential clients can ring us for free. Our standing with Google is such that I am not in any way worried that Google might “mistrust” 0800 numbers as we are a hub and an authority site, and have been for the last 10 years, and we have over 3000 quality inbound links which we have cultivated by hard work over the last 10 years. This is an area I think your site would benefit from as your inbound links are few and of low quality.

        Funnily enough, I actually used your site as an example in our last marketing course of how to write good copy, in particular the Hypnotension page, where you have a good short copy structure and made interesting reading. Finally, another thing you should look at on your site is the mobile view. When I viewed your site on the IPad it does not work well at all.

        Please do not take any of the above as criticisms, you obviously have a good marketing mind, but from an SEO point of view they were just a few things I noticed whilst visiting that I thought might be helpful to you. The fact that your were Googling our course tells me that your business is not currently meeting your expectations.

        Lastly, there are always areas where we don’t meet all the changes that need to be done. However, as we have a full client list for all our therapists the need for us to do so is not so urgent. As a hypnotherapist I would have expected you to offer positive ideas, rather than critical statements.

    7. Hi,

      I found the course very useful in that it showed me how important marketing is to any business. I think that most new therapists think that they’ll get an office an then just wait for the clients to come. The reality is very different. It takes time and effort to build a business and by using the methods and approaches offered on the course this process can be accelerated greatly. If nothing else, it opens your mind to thinking of new ways to promote your business.

      I would highly recommend the course to anyone starting a new business whether it has anything to do with therapy or not.

      Also, Paul offers fantastic support and is happy to discuss ideas or problems long after the course has been completed. His honest and frank approach to marketing is refreshing and I highly recommend it.

      Many thanks,


    8. I attended the June 2012 course and feel the course delivered what it promised. Yes, it was quite intensive at times but very inspiring and I’ve come away with my head full of new knowledge and great marketing ideas that I can’t wait to put into practise. I am now fully confident in my own abilities to market my practice to the level I wish to work. I’m also excited at the prospect of fine tuning my new website with my newly learned skills in WordPress … you could watch my website for the ‘proof of the pudding’, you might even find some interesting information in the ‘News’ section that I now know how to populate!

    9. I attended the marketing course at the end of March 2012. This has truly been one of the best courses I have ever attended. It was a very intensive course and at times it felt like my head would explode! It was all worth it in the end and I was so proud to have a basic website up and running after only a couple of days on the course. I now feel much more confident that I will be able to market my own business going forward.


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