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Hello, both of you…

I would like to thank you both for the excellent course which I have just completed.

What I find unique about the course is that it provides the students with a framework to build treatment plans and a fully functioning hypnotherapy practice. All the information is there to provide clients with relevant solutions.

Although I have not been on any other courses in this area myself, what I found a powerful recommendation is that others on the course who had attended supposedly similar courses said that these other courses did not provide any framework to build a substantial business, which was the aim for all of us who attended your course.

I can thoroughly recommend this course for those who are serious about building a business in the hypnotherapy area.

Many thanks.

Barrie Faulkner

Dear Paul and Paul
Just a quick note to say thank you to you both for a very interesting/ fascinating weekend learning about Hypnosis.
Since having hypnosis over a year ago my interest in the subject has grown and the great introduction has confirmed to me I need to know more. ‘ I want to change peoples lives’.

Please forward details of the forthcoming evening/weekend diploma course at the earliest opportunity so I don’t miss out.

Thanks once again

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  1. I went on this course a few years ago. I would just like to say if you are thinking about doing this course then think no more. This course is an exceptional course that is taught by two exceptional guy’s. I got great help and knowledge from these guy’s that I continue using today. So think no more, go and learn a great skill that can help yourself and other’s. Thank’s to Paul Howard. Highly recommended

  2. Dear Paul & Paul,
    Thank you both for your tuition on the intensive course which I found even more enjoyable & interesting than anticipated. Your experienced professionalism & helpful informality, plus a balance of strong ethical & clinical emphasis with commercial practicalities made the course a valuable launching pad for practising hypnotherapy.
    Yours appreciatively

  3. Hi Paul,

    I hope that this email finds you well and that you will have few minutes to spare for me. I just had to share my hypnotherapy “success” stories with you – my son stopped smoking after one session, my daughter lost 5 kilos after 2 sessions. My belief that I can actually do it, needles to say, significantly improved ! I just translated the smoking script to Serbian and I am going there tomorrow morning – apparently many people can not wait for me to treat them. We will see about that!.

    Thank you very much !

  4. Dear Paul and Paul and Tracey

    just writing to record my appreciation.

    I really enjoyed the course in Clinical Hypnotherapy .
    Some points I would like to make are as follows ( there are many more )
    outstanding teaching
    a very productive, empathic ,warm respectful rapport with the students
    challenging ,thought provoking and stimulating .
    involved a wide range of teaching styles and approaches including role play, practical sessions ,group work and observations
    provided extensive and rich learning experiences for the students
    well written documentation , substantial resources including scripts and assessment/interview templates.
    I will certainly recommend this course to other therapists and teachers.

    Again many thanks

    Kind Regards

    Josie Loy

  5. Thank you Paul, Paul and Tracey,
    The intensive Diploma course was exactly what I was looking for to start a career in hypnotherapy. The pace and content of the course was good. It was really helpful to be able to observe real sessions in the classroom and that we had plenty of time to practise on each other. I feel there is plenty of support within the student community and from the tutors after the course and am feeling really excited about developing my practise.

  6. Dear Paul and Paul,

    The hypnotherapy training is so completely different to conventional education. I believe the course not only gives knowledge but inspires confidence.”

    I loved the training so much I just couldn’t leave!

    Kind regards,

    Tracey Grist

  7. Hi Paul, Paul and Tracey
    Would like to say what a great course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Learnt a great deal over the 10 months, a good mixture of both practical and theory.
    Now looking forward to a new career.

  8. As a previous student of the Surrey Institute Of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I feel that I really need to say how both the course and the support from the team has endeavoured to help me start and develop my own Hypnotherapy practice. The course in itself was invaluable as to attaining the relevant practical and theory to understand and develop my own business and to further my own skills. Not only were the team great at delivering the content of the course, any questions or help that was required was met with enthusiasm and support.
    Thankyou so much for a great course and your continuing support, and I highly recommend you to all that are thinking of pursuing a career in Hypnotherapy.

  9. 10 years down the line and I’m running successful hypnotherapy practices in both South London and Dorset … excellent course. Thank you Paul and Paul for not only providing the therapy knowledge and techniques necessary to start-up, but also a sound and practical approach in how to run a practice.
    Best regards

  10. Dear Paul’s,

    I felt that the course was fantastic and that it moved at a good pace. It appeared to be the only course in which you could do “full time”, which was an attraction for me, (some are dragged out over long periods of time). Since completing the course I’ve had incredible support from SICH who are always happy to discuss any queries. If you are serious about pursuing hypnotherapy as a profession then you would be hard pushed to find a better place to train.

    Many thanks to all the staff at SICH, you’ve helped me find a career I actually enjoy!


  11. Dear Paul, Paul and Tracy,

    I have truly enjoyed your course, which is well structured and covers so many different aspects. The treatment plans and the group exercises were especially helpful. It was also very useful to see you working with a client and presenting solutions.

    Your marketing course was fantastic. What a week! I know that I still have lots to learn, but to get our web page set up was a great achievement.

    Above all, it was great fun, you all have a great sense of humour and that makes a huge difference when learning some of the heaviest subjects.

    I am looking forward to taking further training with you in Childbirth, so please keep me posted!

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Maria

      Yes so when are you going to finish your website and get going?

      Check out the marketing experiment on the facebook group.

  12. Dear Paul and Paul
    its perhaps now that I am practicing I recognise the value of your course even more. We learned a huge amount over an intensive programme, both your styles were fun and very informative based around fact, discussion and your significant experiences.The success was confirmed by the commitment of the group of students who worked very hard on the reading and excersizes and still remain in touch via e mail and meetings. I think it fair to say we were all inspired to learn more and change peoples lives. Interestingly its only now in practice that I have learned to trust the methods, they really do work well for our clients.
    Thank you, I look forwards to staying in touch
    best regards
    Graham Wilson


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