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Below is a few of the many written comments we get from the clients that we help. All the comments below are fully verifiable and the originals plus many more are available for your inspection in our reception.

*Issue – hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking

Hi Paul
I am just writing to say I have still stopped smoking 10 days now. I have had no craving really or withdrawal, hope I stick to it. I have wanted it for so long. I have given out your number to a lot of people at work(fellow smoking partners) they cannot believe I have stopped. So if you get an influx of civil servants you know why.


*Issue – Anxiety

Dear Paul

I’m sorry I haven’t contacted you for a while.

I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me. Things are working out much better for me now.

I hope you are well
Will keep in touch,

Best wishes

*Issue – Fear of swimming

Hi Paul

Just to fill you in on my progress since talking to you last week.
After leaving you, I realised if someone who doesn’t know me, can see that all I needed to do was go and swim, then I really was mad not to try.

I went home with a really positive attitude and planned to go to my local baths, to find out when adult swimming was.

To cut a very long story short, I went swimming yesterday evening and felt no fear or anxiety, I just wanted to get on with it, without the aid of floats.

I managed to not only learn how to tread water, swim in the deep end, but also put myself under water in the deep end, with no pressure from my friendly PE teacher; she just sat on the side and gave me advice. I tried with floats, to float on my back, but felt a bit uncomfortable with that, as I get dizzy when I look up at heights, but I will get over that.

When I got home and told my husband what I had achieved, he was really pleased, yet surprised for me. He knew I had the determination and really wanted to give it a good go, but he really thought I would opt out.

So to round up, I am very pleased with my achievement and plan to go swimming once a week at school, to build up my stamina and confidence and I hopefully will not need to see you again.

Many thanks for the chat.


*Issue – hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking

Dear Paul,

Just to let you know that I greatly appreciated you seeing me at such short notice yesterday.

I am convinced the hypnotherapy has worked and felt a bit sick thinking about smoking on the walk back to the station!

Listened to the CD last night and will continue to do so for the next week.

Many thanks again.

Best wishes,

*Issue – Motorway driving

Hello, you may remember I visited you earlier on in the year with a problem driving on motorways. Well, I have now covered many miles on motorways and recently spent two weeks in France, again using a lot of fast roads and I have enjoyed driving again as I used to instead of looking for a route to avoid these roads.

I can’t believe the difference it has made to my driving and now my only problem with motorways is when will I come across the next traffic jam !!

Thank you


*Issue – Agoraphobia with panic disorder

Good morning Paul

I came to see you a couple of weeks ago for a my first hypnotherapy session. Since that appointment my whole life has changed with regards to my train journeys – I have not had a panic attack since our first meeting and I can now get on a train without having to stand near the toilet. I have an appointment today at 6pm but I’d like to cancel that as I feel so good about my panic attacks or lack of them that I think I’m 100% cured and won’t need to see you tonight. However, if for any reason my panic attacks start up again, I will immediately contact you for another appointment.

I just wanted to also say thank you for working with me and for helping me get over my anxiety – your advice and guidance has been amazing.

Kind regards

*Issue – Fear of flying

Dear Paul

Just a quick e-mail to say a big thank-you for treating me for my fear of flying. I got back from Greece on Sunday and wanted to let you know that following your sessions, I actually felt no fear at all on either flight. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it was a success!

Kind regards


*Issue – Phobia of vomiting

Hi Paul

I had two sessions of hypnotherapy with you a few weeks ago to get me over my phobia of vomiting and I just thought I would update you on my hospital visit.

I was pretty sure my phobia was a thing of the past after my two sessions with you and after going into hospital last week and feeling no anxiety at all with regard to my previous phobia, I coped really well when the patient in the next bed was sick.

Thank you so much for changing my life. I have so much more confidence and much less anxiety in several areas of my life. My operation was so much easier to cope with, than I am sure it would have been, if I had not been treated by you..

Best Wishes


*Issue – Social phobia


When we met last Thursday, I was exhausted from an overnight bus trip to visit family in Glasgow. I was sorry to have to discontinue the treatment, which has been powerfully successful.

You have helped me change my outlook and regain some positive and flexible emotion. Currently preparing for an interview, I will consider continuing the adjustment in the near future.

If you are considering a visit to the Vancouver area, please let me know and I may be able to accommodate you.

Thank you so much for your treatment.
Yours sincerely,

*Issue – Dental Phobia

Thank you very much for all your help.

My dental work went great and I was very calm. I was also ill over Christmas which meant I had to have three blood tests which I was also calm for.
I cannot put down in words how happy I was to be able to be calm whilst having an injection.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me!


*Issue – Depression

Thank you for sorting my problems out, it was the best thing I done reading your advert in the Croydon Guardian and picking up the phone, there is light at the end of the tunnel, we just need a bit of help sometimes, I feel Great!

Thanks again,

D.B of Streatham

*Issue – Anxiety

Hi Paul
Thank you for your help with my anxiety, since our meeting I have been a different person keep up the fantastic work you are changing people’s lives! I cannot thank you enough!

P.S. I even went on the London Eye, I can’t wait to go on it again.

*Issue – Fear of swimming

Thank you so much for helping me. I went swimming on Tuesday and in stages swam unaided to the deep end and stayed there treading water , holding on with one hand but, for me a big thing that I have done.
Once again,
Thank you!

*Issue – hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking

I am no longer a SMOKER! Thank you so much.

*Issue – Gambling

Wishing you joy this Christmas and joy is something we never thought we could feel again as a family. We cannot believe the miracle that you have worked on our son. We pray his problems are behind him but this would never have been possible without you. Because of you we have our son back and we can never ever thank you enough.
Have a great Christmas,

Just a note to say thank you for all your help. I plan to keep up the good work and achieve my goal of feeling good and liking my shape.
Lots of Love,

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  1. After suffering with toilet anxiety for a year, I decided to contact Paul. All I can say is my life has completely changed in just 3 months. I was very unhappy and barely leaving the house when I first contacted Paul. Daily tasks for me like doing the school run or just taking a trip to the shops was really hard for me and non existent. It caused me so much anxiety and stress and affected everything in my daily life. Over the 3 months of therapy I have gained so much confidence. My mind now has so much evidence and reassurance that I can overcome any situation. I am a much happier, healthier and confident person. I’m now enjoying life, taking my children to school, going for coffee and lunches with family and friends. Just generally living my life now without constant anxiety and stress, I would not hesitate to contact Paul if you are reading about my experience and toilet anxiety is taking over your life! I wish I had contacted him sooner. Toilet anxiety can be a thing of the past like it is for me. Thank you so much Paul, Lucy

    • Thanks for the recommendation, James. Unfortunately, Suzi has moved to Hull to look after her father where she is practising and studying as well. However, Michelle now works with us she was also trained by us and is brilliant as well.
      Kind regards
      Paul Howard

  2. I can honestly say this has been life changing for me, I now realise what being healthy mentally actually feels like! I had suffered with social anxiety for near enough 20 years. I wanted to change and tried everything I could; meditation, CBT, anti depressants and numerous self-help books. Nothing worked in the long term. I had 2 sessions with Paul, he was very thorough and found out the root of my anxiety. I felt comfortable and at last understood. The sessions had a powerful effect on me, and the positive effect deepened each time I listened to the recordings at home. I am recovering all the time as I experience more and more social situations. My perspective in day to day life has changed enormously and feel I can now enjoy my life.
    I have recommended Paul to numerous friends, and friends of friends and will continue to do so.
    Thank you Paul!

  3. Just wanted to leave a quick testimonial on the sessions I had with Paul, I had a huge fear of flying (the enclosed space side of things). I wouldn’t go on a plane, without taking 8 diazepams and knocking myself out….not good for my health or the state i would start or end my holidays with.

    Did only 3 sessions with Paul, and I just got back from holiday in Dubai where the flying went smooth. I am pleased to say that the thought of getting on a plane doesn’t phase me anymore!!

    To be honest i was a skeptic with the whole hypnosis thing….but i am amazed by the results.

    Big thanks to Paul.


    Phil Brett

  4. Dear Paul thank you so much for helping me with my panic attacks, you made me feel at ease at every session, I would highly recommend your clinic to others in need.

    Thanks again


  5. *As a last resort and being very sceptical I contacted SICH regarding weight problems. At my first session I was almost 20 stone with very high blood pressure, 8 weeks later I am 18 stone 6 and my blood pressure is normal having lost 20lbs in total. I feel really well and have plenty of energy my get up and go had got up and went but now it is back. I have tried everything in the past and it never made me feel like this. Not once was I hungry or feeling deprived and no more cravings for things like chocolate and cakes. I have now started my maintenance part of the eating plan but, knowing that SICH is there if I need them, spurs me on. Thank you Paul Howard for giving me a manageable way to lose weight, become healthier and not feel deprived.

  6. *I had a life long extreme fear of spiders! My husband has been asking me to see someone about it for a couple of years but I thought my fear was so extreme that no one would be able to help me!
    Spiders would leave me screaming, sweating, heart racing and feeling sick I felt anxious all the time in case I saw one! The final straw was when I called my husband at work and made him come home and get rid of one in the house!
    I have had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and I am completely shocked with the outcome! I didn’t expect Paul to be able to help me but I no longer have that extreme fear! Just yesterday I caught a huge house spider in a spider catcher and was able to get it out of the house myself! I am very grateful for his help and no longer feel anxious about seeing one!

  7. *Hi there,

    Before I share the email I sent over to Paul this morning I just wanted to say that when I first researched hypnotherapy and came across this website, this was probably one of the first pages I looked at. I read that some people felt cured after just one visit and that actually made me feel pretty pressured.

    Although I’m sure one session cures some people I certainly didn’t stop blushing or become perfect at public speaking overnight. I have had numerous sessions and at one point thought this isn’t for me- it’s only when one day I had an overwhelming desire to get into the lift at work (I didn’t tell Paul I had a fear of lifts as I was more concerned about curing my fear of public speaking and the blushing) that I suddenly realised something is happening here. Now I don’t think twice before going in a lift. In fact I’m so comfortable with them I seriously struggle to remember why I had the fear in the first place – but it was a fear – I’d start sweating and my heart beat would rise if I was ever forced to get in one. A trip to New York had been a nightmare to the point where I’d rather drag my luggage up flights of stairs than take the lift.

    I also wanted to mention that I used to look around my workplace and think confidence and public speaking come so naturally to people but I realise now – from speaking to my seniors – that they (pretty terrifying characters to the those that don’t know them) have their own tricks to overcome nerves it’s just about attempting to change your mindset and that’s what Paul is there to help you with.

    I still blush occasionally and will continue to see Paul if ever I have a wobble but as it stands I am extremely proud of myself and what I have achieved so far!

    Hi Paul,

    I hope you’re well?

    Just wanted to let you know that the presentation on Thursday couldn’t have gone any better!

    I really feel like I’m now taking a completely new approach to preparing for a presentation. In the past I had a tendency to ignore the fact it was happening, not prepare in the slightest and try and wing it on the day. That approach of course, didn’t help with the blushing one bit.

    Things which helped me (sorry in advance for the long email):
    – I took your advice and starting running again – I also went online and saw that someone had posted a video about how exercise helps her with her blushing/nerves and is helpful to do the morning of a presentation. I did this, despite the horrible weather. I ended up pulling out a hoodie I have from years ago which just so happens to have a picture of Wonderwoman striking a power pose on it!

    – Motivational (loud) music – during my run or walk to work I’d imagine that I’m dancing or jumping around! In fact I did have music on when I was getting ready which helped to force my body to relax and feel happy.

    – Smiling the entire time.

    – It helped me to watch videos of fellow blushers, just to know that I’m not the only one.

    – I dug up my old pin board and started adding post it notes on there with daily/overall goals and ticking them off as I go along. I have also found an app that allows you to do that too – it’s called ‘Full’.

    – I took the advice from your PDF which said list things three positive things that you’ve done that day.

    – Put my name down to volunteer.

    – I watched videos on presenting skills, which encouraged me to video myself rehearsing the presentation, choose my outfit ahead of time, rehearse in that outfit and in a similar environment to where I would be presenting. Lastly, on the day of the presentation to just have some time in a room by myself.

    – I also watched videos on overcoming procrastination. I found Amy Cuddy’s video most inspiring of them all – very emotive.

    I didn’t sleep much the night before the presentation and woke up at about 4am, but I used that nervous energy to practice again and again and again until I got up for my run a couple of hours later! I felt relaxed on the train, closed my eyes the entire way to London Bridge and went through it all again in my head. When I went to get a bottle of water in Pret I decided to practice my opening “Morning” with a massive smile on my face, I asked the lady how she was and I could see that she was delighted that I had asked and asked me back.

    Once I got to work I sat in a meeting room by myself for a while – calmly redid my hair and makeup before heading upstairs. Got chatted up in the lift going up to my floor…

    I wasn’t remotely nervous in the 15 minutes leading up to the presentation – just bizarrely pumped and raring to go! Managed to answer a question directed at me mid presentation which I was able to answer through knowledge of the subject.

    Straight afterwards one of my seniors who is a real hard woman to please told me that I was an absolute natural. Later that morning, the creative director randomly pulled up a chair and started sharing his latest designs with me for about 15 minutes. He can also be a difficult one, I’d previously convinced myself that he didn’t like me – although I realise now that I need to stop over thinking these things and even if he or anyone else sometimes doesn’t like what I have to say, I’m still entitled to my own opinion.

    Later another of my seniors also said how well I’d done and that the slides I put together in general are some of the best she’s ever seen! Various others commented on how confident my body language was. Also – I didn’t blush in the presentation or in fact the entire day.
    I’ve pinpointed two other blushers actually – my senior has a tendency to and another girl who I think I shall befriend.

    So that day I was invited to attend a conference with my line manager and one other – we’ll then feedback what we’ve learnt to the company later next month. There is another big presentation coming up on Thursday which isn’t actually mine but my manager’s – if I have time this weekend to get comfortable enough with the topic I will volunteer myself to present alongside him.

    Sorry for the LONG, rambling email but it was such a great day I thought I should share it with you!

    Thank you!

  8. *Paul

    Just to let you know I just returned from Aalborg in Denmark. Given my control issues, the flights and hotels were booked for me and whilst I was out there today my flights home were cancelled as Norwegian Air went on strike today! Remarkably I remained calm and even left it to my PA to sort out alternative travel arrangements.

    Before meeting you I hadn’t been abroad or flown for 22 years, since beginning hypnotherapy I’ve been to France and Denmark – 2 tunnels and 5 flights in 22 days! That is testimony!

    Thank you so much for your help. You really have helped me change my life.

    Best regards

  9. *Today I passed my Driving Instructors teaching Exam. I would like to say a big thank you to Paul Howard, for helping me with my anxiety and stress to be able to cope with the exam. Paul’s help did indeed make a difference. Thank you.

    • Hi Christine

      Thank you for you kind words. Although in my mind there was no doubt that you would do much better than before because when I saw you on Monday you were far calmer than than you were two weeks ago. When you think about the fact that your very career was on the line and that in itself was adding an enormous amount of pressure to this exam you actually did incredibly well.

      In the previous tests your subconscious mind was trying to protect you from failure and simply misunderstood the situation. Once that understanding was “re-aligned” your subconscious mind was able to help you just the way you wanted.

      Well done, now go forth and change the world one person at a time and make the roads safer.

  10. *I met Paul Howard about 5 years ago, I had been dancing for years and wanted to train professionally but had no confidence in myself yet I couldn’t ignore the over whelming urge to make it my career. It was like a split between my soul and my beliefs. I had to sing for my course and it terrified me, I also couldn’t speak out loud in a drama class without crying. I lost my lovely dad when I was 10 years old and it left me with a very unbalanced and vulnerable and I blocked off a massive part of myself without knowing, I was trying to control my life with perfectionism and found it very hard to trust men, but I trusted Paul very much and he taught me to listen to the calm voice in my head and I faced my fears and got into the college I dreamed of going too!

    I came for various issues that arose in my life but I just felt compelled to write a review about what an incredibly insightful, caring and down to earth Man he is. I have been a little backwards, I was overly medicated on with 9 rounds of Antibiotics in two years so had severe Candida and then caught glandular fever which left me with Chronic Fatigue and a destroyed immune system and a broken heart. I was forced to leave college 3 months before my graduation where i had struggled for 3 years to over come all of my fears and follow my dreams. Rebuilding my health was a struggle to say the least, I couldn’t even think, I was constantly dizzy, having panic attacks, I reacted to every thing I ate, and got opinions from everyone who could talk about how I should be living my life but it wasn’t until I listened to myself that I really started getting better.

    Within the chaos of my body, there was a little voice that reassured me that everything would be okay. I knew that I would get back to dancing, laughing and being myself. I decided that If in this moment of me thinking and believing “I am well” why could I not linger on that thought and make it stretch moment by moment. Why did I have to be “ill” because doctors said i was? because my physical body told me i was? Every day I calmed myself down and used Imagery to imagine myself better, and some days that was the highlight of my day because that was all I could do. I have weak connective tissue so my body was also physically very weak, I have “hypermobility syndrome” but I believe that a diagnosis can just give you a reason to blame things on yourself so I have undiagnosed myself and just keep in mind when i am injured that may be why.. because if one little part of me believes I am not working properly, then to my beliefs I wont be. It was hard at first and made me very upset but I like a challenge and the more inspired I got, the more I wanted to do it.

    I wrote this to highlight the fact that when someone inspires you and teaches you methods of how to take control of your thoughts and your life, the lessons are transferable and invaluable. Everything that Paul taught me has resonated with me and I wish that more people knew just how powerful the mind can be and that we have the power to take control of it – You are your thoughts. I learnt to control my visualisation, make it positive and imagine who I knew I could be.

    Within 6 months I am now teaching my own ballet class, I do not dwell on my injuries, I have forgiven all of the things I couldn’t change, I got to the finals of my first audition the other day, I have planned to open my own rehabilitation center for performers, and am fully intending to be Elphaba in the west end musical Wicked when i am ready, and do you know what the best bit is, I believe I can do it all.

    From a trapped little girl that was too afraid to speak, dream and trust that I deserved anything in my life, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.


    • Hi Katie

      Thank you for your kind words. All I can say is that I can only work with what I find in you and in you we discovered unknown strengths and a powerful motivation to succeed no matter what mountains you had to climb. Well done and keep up the great work. If you need any more help you know where I am.

      Kind regards

      Paul Howard

  11. *Dear Paul and family, hope you have enjoyed the lovely weather and have been able to have a holiday. Just sitting here and contented with my lot, and can’t thank you enough for your help

    I am a different person to when you saw me last. I enjoy every moment of my life, now that the anxiety has gone ( I enjoyed life before but always had the undercurrent of anxiety and fear ). If i do feel a little frightened I only have to tell myself ” remembered fear” and it goes away straight away . I enjoy outings , friends, gardening, alone time and even housework lol , and am so very thankful.

    I wish you continued success in all you do and with best wishes to you and your family x


  12. *This place is amazing , cured my fear of flying completely , have suffered with panic attacks, sickness, and been in tears every time I had to fly , for the last 10 years or so also cancelled holidays, but after seeing them I flew last august with no fear or problems , I actually enjoyed the whole airport experience and couldn’t believe i was actually excited about the flight, it was the best thing I’ve done , would recommend them to anyone, I am now seeing Paul to help me lose weight as diets have never worked and to be honest I also gave up and lost motivation, but in just over 3 weeks I’ve lost a stone in weight and have kept motivated and also found I’ve had the control to stick to it , I feel more energetic and happy , I’m looking forward to losing more weight to get to my desired goal.

  13. *Dear Paul,
    Back in November time I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy with you to help me feel less anxious about touching my eye to enable me to wear contact lenses.
    I made an appointment with Specsavers shortly after our second session which was more successful than the previous time i tried. I didnt manage to get the contact lenses in, but i certainly felt less stressed about it.
    Last week I practiced with my sisters lenses and when i felt confident, I made a third appointment. It was third time lucky as I have now got a trial of lenses before deciding which lenses to go for.
    I want to thank you so much for your help with this as I (and several friends) never thought I was ever going to be able to wear lenses. I went back to work today and everyone was so complimentary and proud.
    Thank you

  14. *Having suffered with many episodes of anxiety all through my life I felt I would never get better, but seeing Paul Howard for help he was able to find out the root of my problems (which were based in my childhood).

    He was able to lessen my anxiety at each session until I now feel peaceful and happier than I have ever been, for which I am so very grateful and he has given me the hope that I will be able to deal better with any future problems .

    Don’t suffer for years as I have. I can recommend Paul Howard and feel confident he will be able to help you.


    A further email received from Jeanette a couple of months later said

    Dear Paul. Hope alls well with you and your family I am pleased to say am doing very well feeling so much better in the mornings (keeping up with dance!) and at last enjoying my time alone , even on Sundays ! Thank you so much. Best wishes and regards


    • Hi Jeanette

      Thanks for your comment. You did some great work just don’t forget your victory dance….

      Kind regards

      Paul Howard

  15. *I saw Paul Howard for my fear and anxiety for my up and coming driving test, i had failed 3 times ten years ago and had put it down to be the most traumatic experiences of my life! Had many different driving instructors and they had all told me I had the skills to pass but totally fell apart when it came to the tests. My husband pushed me again to try a couple of months ago and my anxiety went through the roof and i actually took a post out on my 4th test! i had 3 sessions with paul and saw him the day before my 5th test, i have NEVER felt so calm and relaxed in such a stressful enviorment before, i totally sailed through the test. Seriously cant believe i passed so easily and confidently !!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much Paul you have seriously changed my life xx

    • Hi Elaine

      Thanks very much for your comments. Congratulations on passing your test and enjoy your driving. I’m really pleased for you.

      Kind regards

      Paul Howard

  16. *Psorasis: Dear Paul, just wanted to say thank you so much for getting to me back into remission. I can swim and wear shorts again!
    The sessions you recorded I continue to use and I have to say I felt really great after each of the sessions.
    I would recommend this to anybody with psorasis in my case it complimented my traditional treatment.

    Thanks again Paul

  17. *Before I met Tracey I was confused, anxious, frustrated with my relationship status and without a vision for my future life. A few months later I can happily say that Tracey has been instrumental in engineering a breakthrough in my life. She helped me to reinvent myself, regain balance and passion for life again. Several hypnotherapy sessions with Tracey took me to a completely new level. Tracey is a true specialist and a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her whether you are old or new to hypnotherapy as she proves it can be very powerful and life changing.

  18. *Hello Paul,
    I just wanted to write to you and say a huge thank you again. For the past year I’ve had troubles going over bridges and onto motorways and as I’m an employee on the AA it was giving me a lot of grief! I cannot believe after a year of having this you managed to help me in just 5 weeks! Iv recommended you to all my friends and family members. Thank you again you’ve made my life a whole lot better!

  19. *All I can say to anyone out there wondering whether the diet support programme works is, IT DOES! I have always been dubious about this sort of thing, thinking there would be no actual improvement in my life. I was wrong, I am writing this the best part of a year after receiving my first session, I reached my target weight in around 2 months and I am keeping the weight off easily. To everyone at SICH, I just want to give a big shout of THANKS!

    Warmest regards,
    Lisa Smiley

    • Hi Lisa

      Thanks for your comment. You were one of the first clients on the Diet Support Programme. So you were a bit of a guinea pig! We have now launched the programme officially and now we have put over 100 people successfully through the programme with great results.

      Thanks Paul

  20. Hi All,

    After trying many different diets and fad exercise plans I am finally starting to get where I want with my weight. It has been just over three months now and the change is amazing. I have recommended you to everyone who asks me how I did so expect some new customers…

  21. Hi,

    I just wanted to give you an update on where I am now, I have kept to my eating programme and am close to my target weight for the first time in years! I can not explain how much difference this has made to my life thank you.

    Best regards,

  22. Tops mark all round, the staff, facilites and of course, the therapy were all second to none. I am still continuing to drop my weight slowly and safely, almost 4 months from my initial consultation.

    I was really pleased as the others in my diet club did not do anywhere near as well. The diet support programme helped me to keep motivated and under control but more importantly I did not plateau. I kept a steady weight loss throughout my diet.

    When I reached my goal I stopped dieting and found it easy to stay relaxed around food no pressure!

  23. Hi Tracy,

    I’m sorry I’ve lost your email address.

    I saw you in October this year just before my IVF cycle was about to start and I had a fear of needles.

    Just to let you know I’m doing much much better. I no longer break into a sweat or have trouble breathing! And the best news is its worked and I’m now 6 weeks pregnant! We are so pleased its been the best early Christmas present!

    I’m still having to take intermuscular injections every other day to keep my progesterone levels up. But I’m not sure if I would not have handled it all so well if it wasn’t for your sessions. So thank you very very much, I was also very calm on the day of my egg collection thanks to you!

    Again thank you very much for your sessions I found them so very helpful and also interesting. It was lovely to meet you. Perhaps I may be back to do so hypnobirthing classes next year 🙂

    Wishing you and the staff a Very Merry Christmas!


  24. Dear Paul and Tracy ,

    It´s been about 4 months now and I finally got around to sending some feedback about my situation . I am smoke free , seems like the trip all the way from Portugal was worth it , the first days I thought very much about the few cigarettes that gave me some pleasure but I easily forgot and got on with my life , that was something I couldn´t do before our session . I would like you to post this on you testimonial section , I´ve been highly recommending my friends and colleagues to try something like this to stop smoking especially with Paul if possible, but the big question is , how can we get around the language barrier since we only understand a small amount of english?? Anyway I had big doubts about this before I went and was really concerned that I could be throwing money away with trip and session fees , but I am now a non-smoker I can pick my 2 year old daughter up without her having to smell my bad breath and kiss my wife without any sense of guilt since she stoppped smoking aswell when see started breast-feeding .

    Thank you Tracy for all your help with emails and phonecalls , and especially to Paul White who with simple explanations and methods gets the job done .

    Big Thanks !!
    Flávio Santos

  25. Hi Tracey

    I just thought I would let you know that I have just reached my 2 stone weight-loss milestone only 1 stone to go. Not bad in 3 months I’m ecstatic. See you in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks Nik

  26. I have to say I was very dubious at first about trying this but a few of my friends have recommended you and made you sound like miracle workers. I have been listening to the CD regularly and since my first session around 2 months ago I have lost 2 stone. This is far more than I expected, and I have found it relatively easy, something that has been quite a nightmare in the past. The treatment really does work, so I am glad I took my friends advice, I can’t wait to see how I look this time next year.

    Yours sincerely,
    Nathan Wood

  27. Motivation for a good cause.
    I always knew that we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have a roof over our head and food on our tables and always thought how good it would be to give back to people less fortunate than me. I lacked the motivation to actually do anything about it.
    I was given a bike at Christmas and it sat there for months, never being used. A friend recommended SICH, they visited SICH for confidence building and after a few sessions found themselves full of confidence and positivity. They found themselves looking to better their life’s and achieved great success in finding a new job with better prospects and more money.
    I booked my session with Paul and I can honestly say after the first session I could not wait to go home and get on my bike. The sessions gave me the tools to idenitfy how and what I needed to do. After just 5 sessions with Paul I’d not only signed up for the Paris to London bike ride for CARE international but I had also covered over 90km in training. I am now well on my way to being super fit for my three day challenge cycling 192 miles in 3 days from Paris to London. I feel better than I have in years and highly recommend the guys at SICH.
    If you wish to join me and contribute to a worthy cause please sponsor me by following this link.


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