Hypnotherapy for Blushing

Hypnotherapy for Blushing

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If you blush, life is fine until you enter those situations where you’re likely to blush. At those times your mind races and the feelings of lack of confidence become high. By using hypnotherapy, we help you to train your brain “not to care” about the situation and so allow you to relax and take the situation in your stride.

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Blushing is a subconscious, physical reaction that our bodies have learned to do certain situations. Blushing is triggered by something external and is no different from any other learned response, such as screaming when we see a spider. In some ways, blushing is a ‘fight or flight’ response where our bodies react to perceived threats.

The subconscious uses the blushing mechanism to remove us from a situation that it believes could cause us to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. In this way, it protects us from a situation where we feel uncomfortable and in doing so it is protecting us. The irony is that by this action the subconscious actually embarrasses us and creates the very feeling it is working so hard to protect us against.

Often, problems with blushing can be traced back to an initial sensitising event, for example, you may have been asked to read in front of the class by a school teacher and perhaps you didn’t do it very well and blushed, and maybe your fellow pupils laughed or ridiculed you. In this case, the blushing achieved a positive result, but if it persists over time in similar situations, it becomes a nuisance.

How can hypnotherapy for blushing help?

Hypnotherapy for blushing can help to stop blushing in a number of different ways. Above, we talked about how blushing is an sub-conscious reaction to certain stimuli. When we use hypnotherapy for blushing we can work with your sub-conscious mind to program in new, positive sub-conscious reactions to these external triggers to make blushing a thing of the past.

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What else can hypnotherapy for blushing do?

Hypnotherapy for blushing can also help to control the blushing by helping you to feel more comfortable in situations where in the past you were prone to becoming flushed. A good Hypnotherapist can work with you during your hypnotherapy for blushing to build your confidence and assertiveness so that you are less likely to feel vulnerable and respond by blushing.

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