Childbirth does not have to be painful and stressful”

The purpose and benefit of using hypnotherapy for childbirth (Hypnobirthing) is dramatic and extensive.  Most importantly it reduces pain and shortens labour. Hypnosis for child birth reduces preconceived fears, tensions and misconceptions and also diminishes pain during all labour stages with the help of hypnotic techniques that encourage a marked rise in relaxation as the body performs a task that it is built to do.

Amazingly hypnotherapy for childbirth also decreases the use of medication for pain relief and also reduces undesirable postoperative effects, so if you want to give birth naturally and easily, hypnosis for childbirth can be the perfect way to welcome your baby into the world.
Another very important benefit of hypnotherapy for childbirth is that it substantially minimises maternal exhaustion and with the absence of any birthing drugs can facilitate a speedier recovery.

hypnotherapy for childbirth

Hypnotherapy for childbirth – Removing the fear

Due to dispelling the public fears and apprehensions and working with your own childbirth concerns; labour can be calmer, happier and naturally paced without any need for panic; therefore reducing any intervention with the delivery; your mind and your muscles will learn how to ride the waves of contractions and you will find yourself excited to hold your baby in your arms.

Hypnosis for childbirth works to reduce all the fears and blocks associated with having a baby and because of relaxation, because the body innately knows what to do, because you will be wanting to meet your baby at last, child birth becomes simply easier and one of the most profound and reassuring aspects of hypnotherapy for childbirth is the marked promotion of a higher Apgar score at birth, which is the medical profession’s evaluation of the well being of the baby at birth.

Hypnotherapy for Childbirth: What’s the process?

The approach of hypnotherapy for childbirth is to teach the expectant mother how to become totally relaxed both mentally and physically.  With the help of both hypnosis, understanding human behaviour and the teaching of self-hypnosis you are able to remove any fears and any apprehension.  Hypnosis has the affect of installing the “three C’s suggestion” of confidence, calmness and control for the forthcoming labour, stage by stage, and a general well-being throughout.  Your expectations become positive and exciting and empowering, and you cannot wait to meet your newest family member!

Over a number of visits ideally 3-4 months into pregnancy, you learn deep relaxation and breathing techniques, self-hypnosis and many other fascinating and enabling techniques including enjoyment to ensure a very positive approach towards the experience, during and after labour, and the subsequent arrival of your newborn baby.

The hypnotherapy for childbirth course

The hypnotherapy for childbirth course is 5 one hour sessions leading up to the due date, which can include a partner session if you wish. These well planned sessions will leave you feeling positive, confident, well informed and filled with excitement about being a mum.
For us mums already with a crazy lifestyle we also offer a dual session pack for childbirth; these two intensive one and a half hour sessions are ideally 4 days to one week apart and focus purely on the expectant mother for relaxation and great expectations.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth can be a great investment for your future, because in most cases one baby is just the beginning of a family.