Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

All the gain none of the pain

A gastric band costs around £8000 and involves risking your life, pain and discomfort, not to mention the operation and a stay in hospital, time off work, etc etc. We would like to suggest a more natural way where you are in control. It’s a healthier way to live and requires no risk to your life or any pain.

We developed the Gastric Band hypnotherapy at the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy nearly 8 years ago and we have been using it since as part of our weight control programme. Since then, many hypnotherapists have created a whole therapy based on it having you visualising the preparation, the pre-surgery interview and then go through the operation all whilst under hypnosis. This whole procedure can take up to 4 sometimes even 6 sessions. Quite simply this is completely unnecessary.

Firstly, the medical profession would only consider doing a gastric band if the person was over eating i.e. eating too much at one sitting. If you are a grazer and you like to snack, maybe eating sweets, biscuits, or you raid the fridge several times during the day and evening then the gastric band hypnotherapy is inappropriate for you.

Eating well

Secondly, it is much better to look at all your behaviours around food and if one of those behaviours is over eating we may well use the Gastric Band hypnotherapy. If we do it will be done in just one of the sessions as part of the weight loss programme.

We feel this is a much more sensible, effective and longer lasting approach. We have a lot of experience using the Gastric Band hypnotherapy and we feel it is the most beneficial way of implementing it.

Gastric Band hypnotherapy

How does it work?

Gastric Band hypnotherapy works by generating the full feeling much earlier in the eating process. We can all remember how we felt when we have over eaten. A good example would be Christmas dinner where we might have over indulged. If you remember a time like that you will know just how uncomfortable that feeling is. The last thing you would want to do would be eat any more food, Even the thought of it can make you feel sick.

In our Hypnotic Gastric Band programme we install this feeling at a sub-conscious level so as you eat your meal we can bring on this feeling in gradual increments. We help you to start generating this feeling from when you are say half way through your meal and increasing as you continue your meal. This encourages you to have less and less desire to eat large portions.

In our Gastric Band hypnotherapy we are able to ask the subconscious mind to modify a person’s behaviour easily and effortlessly. Factors such as old behaviours, feelings and emotions, habits and exercise levels can be altered during the hypnotic process. Losing weight is a matter of lifestyle change.

Close your eyes sit back in your chair and ask yourself the only question that matters at this moment. 

Are you ready for change?

If so our Gastric Band hypnotherapy could be for you.

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