Remove presentation anxiety

If you have stage fright, presentation nerves or a fear of public speaking then this new video I have created is just for you. It can help you to remove presentation anxiety. It talks about how I overcame my struggle with public speaking and will show you how everyone can do the same.

Does it make you sick to your stomach every time you think about performing on stage, giving a speech or presentation?

If so, then I know exactly what you’re going through.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting up to speak and your mouth goes dry, your throat closes up and you start to feel the panic rising, or perhaps your face going red.

Frustrated and embarrassed, you end up feeling like a failure because nothing seems to solve the problem.

Until today the only advice you’ve had is to “just relax”, “don’t worry about it” or “take deep breaths”.

However, the big problem with these options is that they rely on your conscious mind to take action and the feelings are coming from your subconscious mind and to be honest, once you feel the anxiety starting to rise you just find it impossible to even think clearly let alone remove presentation anxiety.

The fact is, that no matter how hard you try, none of this “advice” seems to work and when you’re feeling anxious exactly how are you supposed to “just relax” or “not worry” about how bad it’s going to turn out..,?

How to remove presentation anxiety

And so it’s with great pleasure that I present to you today, a solution that works with your subconscious mind and changes the way you feel and think about any form of public speaking. Our programme for public speaking uses the powerful effects of advanced hypnotherapy to change the beliefs that you hold at a subconscious level.

Here at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, we’ve been helping people to overcome and remove presentation anxiety since 2003. In that time we have helped thousands of clients from all walks of life and from all over the world.

remove presentation anxiety

During our programme for public speaking, our anxiety specialist will give the techniques and strategies you need to make this fear a thing of the past and the best thing is that they will be installed in your subconscious mind so you won’t even have to think about it.

Our anxiety specialist has seen thousands of people just like you and we have harnessed that experience to ensure that whatever causes your anxiety can be found and eradicated, allowing you to remove presentation anxiety completely.

Once you have been through our programme for public speaking, you’ll discover that worrying about talking in public and being the centre of attention no longer bothers you.

* Remember all you have to do for this to work is to sit back and relax…

* Your subconscious mind does all the work for you

* When you change your subconscious beliefs, you change the way you feel.

But don’t listen to us – When you come into our reception you will find a big book full of comments from clients talking about how our hypnotherapy programmes have changed their lives.

Gary said, “I came to see you a couple of months ago for hypnotherapy for public speaking. Since completing the programme my whole life has changed. I have not felt anxious talking in front of people at work since our last session and I have noticed how I am much more relaxed in social situations as well.”

With so many amazing features, incredible results, and glowing reviews, you’re probably eager to know how much it’ll cost to get you feeling relaxed about public speaking.

If you were to go for counselling or psychotherapy you would probably be in “therapy” for many months, even years, at a cost of thousands of pounds and a huge investment in time.

However, because hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, most people complete our programme in 3 or 4 of our standard sessions, which makes it very affordable.

Our standard session costs can be seen here, so your cost will be far less than just one good job you turned down.

So if you’ve had enough of feeling worried and anxious about speaking in public, and you’re ready to start feeling comfortable about giving presentations, contact us now to remove presentation anxiety and start living up to your potential.

Don’t you think you’ve been struggling to deal with this problem for long enough?

And the missing link you’ve been searching for, to finally feel confident when speaking in front of others, is just a phone call or email away.

Imagine your boss walking up to you and telling you that you have to give a presentation about your project to the board and you say “Fine, no problem” and really mean it.

So contact us today and start your journey to a new confident you.

Resolve Your Presentation Anxiety Now