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Here you will find some of the most common hypnotherapy questions answered. If you have other hypnotherapy questions answered please don’t hesitate to contact us.

hypnotherapy questions answered

Hypnotherapy questions answered – Multiple topics


I would like to achieve my full potential but feel that I am sabotaging myself. Would hypnotherapy help me to stop sabotaging myself?
Please advise.


Self-sabotage is quite common amongst our clients and is often an misguided attempt by the subconscious to protect you in some way. The important thing is to establish what the belief is behind the behaviour and get the subconscious to re-evaluate that belief and bring it in line with your adult conscious thinking.

So to answer your question yes I believe it is very likely that we can help you change your behaviours and start supporting your efforts rather than sabotaging them.


I’m going through a difficult time and I need some answers. I’ve been taking driving lessons for a while but can’t get through in a positive way on my driving test. I have tried three times already and failed.

I’m going for another go next Thursday and I wish that I could get an appointment before it to help me even not knowing much about it.


Anxiety when taking your driving test can have a lot of causes. Often, it can be a fear of being judged negatively which with a driving test is obviously a possible outcome.

It can be a fear of failure that is generating the anxiety and after three tries this could well be the problem. Frequently, after failing once people start predicting failure which just increases the pressure and the anxiety.


Hi There,

I’m looking to turn to hypnotherapy as a solution to some of the problems in my life recently that have really put me down and affected the way I live my life.

I attended a couple of hypnotherapy sessions last year for some panic attacks I experienced that had gotten so bad that I could barely leave the house. I must say the service I received was fantastic and I could not fault it! Since my hypnotherapy sessions I have only had one or two panic attacks but soon calmed myself down using the advice I had received!

I am 19 years old and currently studying in college whilst working Part-time in an office! Since I attended Sixth Form 2011-2012 I have suffered a major knockback in confidence and motivation due to me not succeeding in getting my A-Levels. I suffered a lot of stress in my 2 years in further education and this has greatly affected my life.

I do not seem to have any motivation or drive in my life anymore! I chose to carry on in further education and study for another 2 years but am experiencing a great lack of motivation. The only way I can explain it is that I know what I want in my life and that I have to work for them but cannot motivate myself to do so, which results in me getting frustrated with myself and putting myself down.

I also have ongoing issues as well as lack of motivation such as jealousy and trust issues which also affect relationships I have.

I was just wondering if you can help in any way with the issues discussed and what the costs would be.


Yes hypnotherapy is very effective for motivation and I feel sure we could help you with the issues you have highlighted.

You can find our profession fee rates here. I would think you will need probably 3 sessions to make significant changes in your motivation. It may be less but it’s hard to tell.


Hi, I’m 16 and I bite my nails quite badly. There is still a healthy nail bed – just about – but there is no tip and there is about a cm of skin between the top if the nail and the end if my finger, which does not look good at all. My dentist has asked to stop as it is also damaging my teeth. Would hypnotherapy work as a permanent solution to this problem? Thanks for your time


Yes hypnotherapy is very effective at changing behaviours such as nail biting. It will probably need 3 sessions in total.

If you would like to make an appointment please call free on 0800 849 7001 or from mobile on 0208 669 6990


have a problem with blushing and it as kind of made me stop going out was wondering if you have ever treated this
problem and if so was it successful.


Yes, this is something we come across regularly. It is very treatable as it is generated by the subconscious when it believes it needs to remove you from a situation because of a perceived danger. The danger can be mortal danger, but usually, it is the danger of embarrassment and this can be just as powerful.

Basically, we remove the underlying fictitious beliefs and the blushing stops.


I coach tennis and worry sometimes that people are judging me which makes me nervous under pressure thus causing stress.


Your problem is a form of social anxiety which is a type of anxiety that we deal with on a regular basis. To resolve this issue we need to change your underlying fictitious beliefs that you hold about yourself. When this is done the behaviour will change permanently. This is certainly something that can be removed with hypnotherapy.

5 thoughts on “Your hypnotherapy questions answered”

  1. Hello,
    I am 29 and have a fear of fish which stops me from going in the sea on holiday. I am going to the Maldives for my honeymoon and would love to be able to enjoy the sea and fish there. Would hypnotherapy help this and if so, how many sessions do you think I would need?
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi
    I am 53 and been driving for many years without a problem, in the past couple of years I have been making excuses not to drive to places I am unfamiliar with and the thought of driving on a motorway really scares me. The last time I tried I felt sick and began sweating and shaking. I have no idea why I feel like this and it preventing me visiting friends who live far away. Would you be able to help and how many sessions would I need? Thank You

    • Hi Debbie

      Sorry for my delay in responding.

      Yes, this is something we see quite regularly. It is a form of agoraphobia. It usually takes around 4 to 6 sessions.

      Kind regards

      Paul Howard

      • Hi Paul
        My 10 year old son is very under confident and seems like he has anxiety problem. He feels like people are judging him all the time. He is always stressed unnecessary and not able to enjoy his life fully. he also has some issues with pointing fingers, tapping noises and certain movements etc. (He does not come on any other generalised spectrum ).
        I wonder if hypnotherapy can help him with all these issue? how many sessions he might need?
        Many Thanks

        • Hi Prarthna
          That is very difficult to say from your brief description. I would suggest having a telephone conversation with a paediatric hypnotherapist.


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