Hypnotherapy for Presentation Nerves

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Getting hot and sweating
  • Blushing
  • Unable to think properly
  • Stuttering and stammering
  • Fidgety and restless

Do these presentation nerves symptoms hold you back or stop you from doing things that you would like to do?

You’re not alone.  Many people are held back in their careers because of this inappropriate behaviour. They will avoid any form of public speaking and will waste countless hours worrying every time they need to make a presentation.

presentation nerves

How presentation nerves affect us

Most people with public speaking anxiety (often called presentation nerves) will avoid speaking up in social groups, even if it is family or close friends. They will not go for promotion if the next level in the career involves making presentations. Some people actually drop out of college because they have to give presentations as part of the course.

If any of the above fits you it is probable that you have a form of social phobia. It doesn’t have to be this way. This type of behaviour is fairly easily treated using hypnotherapy. Within just a few sessions you will notice a significant difference in the way you feel and react in these sorts of situations.

When you get rid of the nerves and anxiety, you can immediately start giving great presentations and feel more confident in yourself in all social situations.

Imagine how you will feel when:-

  • You are fully composed, in control and confident when giving a presentation
  • You can attend networking events, business meetings, conferences and even make sales calls easily and without fear
  • You actually enjoy public speaking
  • You feel comfortable being the centre of attention

How we help presentation nerves

Public speaking and presentation nerves exist because the person has inappropriate beliefs about themselves. We use hypnotherapy to change those beliefs at a subconscious level. This change has a profound effect on the behaviours with regard to public speaking and presentations. But the change does not stop there. The client generally finds that the changes in their belief systems affect many other situations in their life, especially when in social situations.

At the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, we have anxiety specialists in every clinic that are experienced in dealing with social phobia, including presentation nerves, public speaking anxiety, fear of meetings and blushing.

Our programme helps you to overcome presentation nerves and public speaking anxiety. The change is very obvious as you will find your experience in these situations is noticeably different.

If you’re struggling with presentation or public speaking nerves we’re here and able to help you shake of the nerves for good! Don’t live with something that you’d rather live without.

The benefits of removing presentation nerves

Our specialists have helped many people within businesses and large corporations become confident and effective speakers, where they are able to deliver effective and engaging presentations that successfully deliver the message to their audience.

However, this issue is not just important to businesses. We have helped people to deliver effective presentations and speeches at weddings, PTA meetings, and even on the TV programme ‘Dragons Den‘, where the participant did so well that they became a dragon slayer by getting the backing.  Peter Jones actually commented that our client was very confident.