Hypnotherapy for Psoriasis

hypnotherapy for psoriasis

Using hypnotherapy for psoriasis can have incredible results for some sufferers. We have been working with psoriasis for over 10 years and during that time we have helped over 100 people with psoriasis.

We believe that we can help around 50% of clients using hypnotherapy for psoriasis. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the things that can trigger, and usually do, the start of psoriasis.

It is quite common for a client with psoriasis to feel that they are :-

  • Not good enough
  • Disgusting
  • Ugly
  • Useless
  • Worthless

The psoriasis sufferer often identifies themselves with psoriasis and believes that they will never get rid of it. It is these feelings and beliefs that maintain and hamper any recovery. Removal of these beliefs is paramount to achieving a successful outcome for the client.

Most of the clients I see have a deep anger. Which can be self-directed, at something external and normally at the psoriasis as well.”

Paul Howard, psoriasis specialist.

We use hypnotherapy for psoriasis to create a change in the beliefs and feelings that clients hold about themselves at a subconscious level. We also lessen the effects of any trauma or stressful events that have happened in the past, by allowing the client to reassess the events, processing them with their adult mind.

The signals that are sent to your skin it has been shown in other studies to be very effective with psoriasis see below. Our clients that have used our programme have at the least been able to be far more relaxed about their Psoriasis.

Hypnotherapy can also help them to “almost” forget about their condition. It also helps to reduce the redness which helps to reduce the itching that people often experience.

hypnotherapy for psoriasis

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and as an organ, it is controlled completely by your subconscious mind.

As an example, if you were to become embarrassed the skin on your face will become red with the increased blood flow to the skin.  If I asked you to do that with your conscious mind you could not do it. The same thing happens during illness and grief where a wan and pale expression is quite common.

Research on hypnotherapy for psoriasis

In our internal research that we conducted in 2003, we achieved a 50% clear-up rate but only with plaque psoriasis. We had little or no effect on guttate psoriasis.

hypnotherapy for psoriasis

However, by using hypnotherapy for psoriasis, in virtually all the subjects we achieved significant shifts in the perceptions of themselves and their psoriasis. Which in itself is a significant change.

For more information, please visit here.  This is a clinical study by the Department of Dermatology, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore on the use of Hypnosis with psoriasis.

What causes psoriasis?

For most of the clients we have worked with, the event which seems to trigger it of is a childhood trauma or a period of high stress.

Things like:-

  • Divorce
  • Moving home
  • Changing schools
  • Bereavement
  • Bullying
  • Significant illness
  • Abuse
  • Birth of sibling

Of course, this list is not exhaustive but it would cover the majority of the clients we have seen. These sort of events can create internal conflict, low self-esteem, anger, frustration or low self-confidence within the client at a very young age. This type of self-conditioning can be powerful and become deep-rooted.

It is our belief that the subconscious learns to use psoriasis as a way of seeking attention or possibly distracting attention away from an issue that the client did not want or could not deal with at the time.

For example: suppose a child is in a situation where her parents are often arguing maybe even violently at times the child may feel frightened, lonely, confused and feel very insecure. By producing psoriasis the subconscious mind will learn that through psoriasis the child will get attention and because the parents are focusing once again on the child’s needs they may even stop arguing as much.

This is what is called a secondary gain. Without realising it the child is getting a benefit from psoriasis. This behaviour can become ingrained very quickly and will then remain even if the benefit no longer occurs i.e. the parents are back arguing as much as usual. But of course, the subconscious mind can always try a flare-up to get its way and of course, this becomes a vicious circle. One that hypnotherapy for psoriasis can help to resolve.

What is plaque psoriasis?

The top layer of skin is much thicker in plaque psoriasis.

It gets this way because the normal growth cycle of skin cells has been accelerated to 3 or 4 days, compared to 28-30 days in normal skin.  

hypnotherapy for psoriasis

Skin cells accumulate at the surface.  The white, flaky build-up that sheds from the skin is actually dead skin cells. The epidermis is about twice as thick as normal.

The bottom level of the epidermis where cells multiply is particularly active (cells are proliferating 28 times faster than normal skin). The blood vessels of the skin expand. There is also increased blood flow in psoriatic skin, necessary to bring nutrients to the rapidly growing skin cells.

This combination leads to the redness of the lesions. The dermis is where the inflammation originates.  Immune system cells are drawn into the dermis as part of the immune response that takes place in psoriasis and these cells send inflammatory signals to the skin cells. Using hypnotherapy with psoriasis we aim to change the faulty signals that are sent to the immune system.

Hypnotherapy for psoriasis in children

Hypnotherapy has been used to treat various medical conditions, including skin disorders like psoriasis. While there is limited research on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for psoriasis in children specifically, there is some evidence to suggest that it may be helpful.

Our paediatric hypnotherapist would take an approach that involves inducing a state of relaxation in the child and then suggesting positive changes in the body’s immune response and skin health. This may involve suggestions that the child’s skin is becoming healthier and clearer, or that their immune system is becoming more balanced and effective. We might use suggestions to cool the skin to relieve itching and irritation.

Psoriasis Case Histories

This client had Plaque Psoriasis for 22 Years. The top two pictures were taken at the start of the hypnotherapy for psoriasis, the middle pictures were taken at the end of treatment after 8 weeks of hypnotherapy and the bottom pictures were taken after a 1 year follow-up.  The treatment included Hypno-analysis, Self-hypnosis, suggestion therapy and NLP techniques.

Arms and legs before treatment
Hypnotherapy Psoriasis
Hypnotherapy psoriasis
Arms and legs immediately after treatment
hypnotherapy psoriasis
hypnotherapy psoriasis
Arms and legs 1 year after treatment
hypnotherapy psoriasis
hypnotherapy psoriasis

Alison – age 44

She developed Plaque Psoriasis on her elbows, knees and ankles at the age of 39.  She has tried steroid creams and UV treatment neither worked.  At the time of starting treatment with me, she was just using E45 cream.

Alison developed Psoriasis immediately after her father’s death.  He died suddenly of a heart attack.  She was on holiday at the time and was unable to return for the funeral.   She consequently had many guilt issues regarding her father.  By using hypnotherapy for psoriasis, she achieved closure and said goodbye to her father.  Her self-esteem was severely knocked.  We did some ego-strengthening and confidence-building within hypnosis.  Her Psoriasis did not respond immediately, it took 7 weeks before she saw an improvement although she only attended 4 sessions with me. After 12 weeks she was clear and five years later she is still clear.

Simon – age 27

Simon had Plaque and Guttate Psoriasis over 45% of his body.  He had tried steroid creams, Chinese herbal and acupuncture. He has also tried UV treatment which was mildly effective.

As part of the hypnotherapy for psoriasis treatment we used hypno-analysis to regress him back to when he was 8, at which time he was bullied at school quite severely.  It was immediately after this that his Psoriasis started.  His father being an ex-Colonel gave him very little support and he was told to grow up and stop complaining about it.  His mother was an alcoholic and consequently, he received little or no medical attention for the first three months.  It wasn’t until a teacher brought it to the attention of medical staff that he was treated.  

The lack of support and help from his family made him feel alone and unlovable. We then went through some gestalt therapy and he integrated childhood traumas with his adult thinking.  We went on to do some quite extensive suggestion therapy and later on some NLP reframing.  After the third session, Simon’s Psoriasis was drastically reducing and by the fifth week was almost completely clear.  We finally did some self-hypnosis and timeline work and now 4 months later he is completely clear still. He still listens to his self-hypnosis CD once a week.  

He has never been completely clear of Psoriasis before and he is taking no drugs or any other treatment for his Psoriasis.  Upon completion of his hypnotherapy for psoriasis treatment, he has had a complete transformation and is very happy.