Easy Weight Loss Using Hypnotherapy

Our easy weight loss programmes can really help overcome many of the stresses associated with diets and exercise. It can help to stop the cravings and snacking as well as increasing the desire for exercise, making losing weight an enjoyable and fun thing to do.

Furthermore, it can enhance existing diet regimes. For example, you may be on a calorie-controlled or low-fat diet but struggling to maintain it. A couple of sessions of easy weight loss hypnotherapy could get you back on track and make it seem much easier to maintain your diet.

It is possible to achieve easy weight loss when you do not have to think consciously about all the foods you “cannot” eat because you simply don’t desire them anymore.

easy weight loss

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During your treatment course, we aim to change the way you relate to food, the way that you feel about food and the way you think about food, putting you back in control over what you choose to eat.

How do we make it easy to lose weight?

Well, it’s the hypnotherapy that puts the easy into easy weight loss. Behavioural change is paramount to making any weight loss route a success long term and we help you to change the way you feel about food, even the way you think about food. This stops the cravings and using food as an emotional crutch.

What help are you looking for?

Effective Weight Loss

weight loss surrey

Weight loss is about changing your behaviours in relation to food. During our lives we establish behaviours and some of these are inappropriate. Using hypnosis we correct these behaviours.

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Emotional Eating

Emotional eating

Emotional eating is generally nothing more than a conditioned response. So in the past, you eat to distract yourself from the emotion. Then this behaviour became habitual and now it is automatic.

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Diet Support

Diet support

Are you trying to diet but having trouble sticking to it or perhaps others on the same diet are doing better? Hypnotherapy can help you to stay motivated and really enjoy the successes you make.

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Hypnotic Gastric Band

hypnotic gastric band

An actual gastric band is expensive, painful and dangerous. However, a hypnotic gastric band gives the same outcome without the cost or risks and with behavioural change very effective.

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Get inspired

Rebecca telling her story about how she used hypnotherapy to achieve dramatic weight loss

When Rebecca first visited the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy she was 14 stone, dress size 14 and just under morbidly obese. *In just 8 months she was an 8 dress size, 9 stone and in the middle of the normal BMI range.

Her story, although amazing, is very typical for our weight loss clients. If you would like your weight loss story to end up like Rebecca’s click on the button below.

Watch Miriam explaining her weight loss tips when using our hypnotic weight loss programme

Miriam turned to a hypnotherapist because she had tried “everything” else. Although she had lost weight before, it had always been a chore and it had always returned very quickly afterwards. She felt it had become a cycle that she was unable to get out of. She discovered very quickly that losing weight can be easy to do when you become determined and motivated through hypnotherapy. The most important change was in her behaviour when she suddenly stopped picking and found she wasn’t hungry anymore.

How can clinical hypnotherapy help?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help clients to lose weight in a natural and easy way. By changing their behaviours and their relationship with food, hypnotherapy can help individuals to overcome the challenges that often stand in the way of weight loss.

One of the main ways that we can help clients to lose weight is by changing their behaviours. This can include things like developing a healthier relationship with food, automatically ignoring emotional triggers and instead responding to hunger cues, and learning to make healthier food choices. We also help clients to develop the motivation and willpower needed to stick to our easy weight loss plan.

Another key way we help clients to lose weight is by changing their relationship with food. Many clients have a distorted view of food, seeing it as a comfort or a reward rather than as a necessary fuel for the body. We use hypnotherapy to help clients to re-frame their thinking around food, seeing it as a positive and necessary aspect of a healthy lifestyle rather than as something to be feared or avoided.

Hypnotherapy is also very good at removing automatic behaviours and other negative thought patterns and behaviours surrounding food. This can be achieved by addressing the underlying thought processes that may be contributing to their unhealthy relationship with food. This could include resolving past traumas, emotional conflicts, and building self-esteem and self-confidence.

In addition to changing behaviours and relationships with food, we help clients to develop new habits and routines that support weight loss. This could include things like regular exercise, preparing healthy meals, and setting realistic weight loss goals.

In conclusion, hypnotherapy for easy weight loss therapy can be an effective tool for helping you to lose weight in a natural and easy way. By addressing the underlying psychological issues that contribute to unhealthy behaviours and relationships with food, we can help you to develop the motivation and willpower needed to stick to a weight loss plan, and also change your habits and routines that support weight loss. With the help of hypnotherapy, easy weight loss can be achieved in a natural and sustainable way.

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