Diet Support Programme

Diet Support

Time to use your brain to support your diet

  • Increasing the level of appetite suppressant hormone that you normally produce. The effect of this is that you need to eat a lot more food to get the full feeling.
  • It drops another hormone that reduces the hunger feeling so you feel hungrier. This leads to food cravings that so many dieters experience
  • After about six weeks of reduced food intake your metabolic rate drops so you need less food every day just to stand still. This drop in metabolic rate can last up to six years after you stop dieting.

What about exercise

Forget exercising for now! Exercise is essential for health but it has very little effect on weight loss. You can’t out run a bad diet.

diet support

Your biggest enemy in losing weight is your brain

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The fact that your brain works against any attempt by you to reduce your weight, makes dieting very hard. Further, the drop in metabolic weight means that even when you stop dieting you need to reduce your normal daily food intake by about 400 calories just to stay the same weight. This is 400 calories less than before you started dieting.

How does the Diet Support Programme work?

Diet Help

We use a completely revolutionary approach. We use various techniques to let the brain believe that your food intake has stayed the same even though it has actually decreased. It’s actually a fine balancing act.

By doing this, your brain perceives that everything is carrying on as normal. Hormone levels stay the same, metabolic rate stays the same, meaning that you do not experience any increase in hunger feelings or food cravings. In fact, our programme allows you to resolve any cravings that you have without eating.

How can you avoid these pitfalls of dieting?

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Simply put, the best way is not to become overweight in the first place. Obviously for most people that statement is like closing the door after the horse has bolted.

So given that most people reading this will already be overweight, we have to find ways of getting our brain, at the very least, not to fight and sabotage all the efforts you put in to lose weight and become healthier.

This is where our new “Diet Support Programme” comes in. This new programme helps people already on a diet, or about to start dieting, in many ways:-

  • Helping to keep your hormone levels stable.
  • Stopping the metabolic rate from dropping and maybe increasing it.
  • Helping you to stay in control of your food and drink intake.
  • Motivating you to eat healthier foods.
  • Increasing your desire to exercise.

The Diet Support Programme

This is a programme focused on supporting you while you are on a diet. This plan includes six sessions, each 1 hour long, one to one with a diet support specialist. It may include the use of hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP as well as our groundbreaking CD’s/MP3’s.

This Programme consists of six 1 hour sessions and is charged at our standard session rates. It will address all the aspects of control and motivation that usually hinder and even destroy your efforts to lose weight successfully. To book please call 020 8669 6990 or complete our Weight loss pre-assessment and start using hypnotherapy for weight control and get your life back on track.