Easy ways to take care of low confidence

low confidence

Outward warning signs of low confidence include appearing shy, nervous or socially withdrawn, especially in confrontational or stressful scenarios. The important thing to recall is that we are not born with low confidence. It is a learned response which is often the result of an utter failure, bullying, or numerous years of critical parenting. Not …

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The Way to Beat Social Anxiety Issues

beat social anxiety

One of the most common types of anxiety disorders is social anxiety. The best way to beat social anxiety is to remove any vile, negative thought you may hold about yourself and your capabilities and capacities. It can create problems in circumstances that many of us take for granted, like being at the checkout in …

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How hypnotherapy builds confidence

beat social anxiety

In the present day, the way we communicate is increasingly computer based, but the loss of face to face connections are having an adverse effect on our society. In our hypnotherapy practice this is all too apparent as we see large numbers of socially isolated clients. We show these clients how hypnotherapy builds confidence very …

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How a hypnotherapy helps people that have a lack confidence

Hypnotherapy blushing

Self confidence is how we view our own capacity to do something. Low self confidence is when you view your abilities to achieve or create as being very low. Self confidence is similar, but not the same, as self esteem which relates to our view of us. Hypnotherapy techniques can be used to help us …

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Are you able to get a strong emotional response?

beat social anxiety

Isn’t it amazing how we can easily respond to a film or even a piece of music in an emotional way? Not really, because what happens is that we relate it in some way to ourselves. Take the video below, for example. Most people will shed a tear or two, if not blub uncontrollably. It’s about a new bride having the “fathers dance” when her father has just passed away.

The real cost of hypnotherapy: Can you afford not to?

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Whilst hypnotherapy can offer a profound enhancement in the quality of someone’s life, countless people still see it as potentially expensive and worry about the cost of hypnotherapy. While they will probably spend money on other much more expensive pastimes with the aim of making themselves feel emotionally better, such as retail therapy, nights out, …

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Bullying in childhood “throws a long shadow”

According to the BBC bullying in childhood “throws a long shadow” into victims’ adult lives, suggests research indicating long-term negative consequences for health, job prospects and relationships. The study tracked more than 1,400 people between the ages of nine and 26. School bullies were also more likely to grow up into adult criminals. The study, …

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Adele visits hypnotherapist for stage nerves

Adele is reported to be visiting a hypnotherapist to help her overcome her stage nerves. The star has been having the treatment in LA in a bid to conquer her anxiety over her upcoming Oscars performance. Adele is booked to perform her Bond theme Skyfall at the ceremony on February 24 – where it is …

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Criticism can really effect our lives in so many ways

We often blame ourselves but are we really to blame? This sort of conditioning is generally way out of our control. As a child it can come from parents, bullies, teachers or even siblings. Worst of all, if it continues for a substantial period of time, we become used to it.

Where’s My Confidence Gone?

Clients are always asking for more self-confidence they say “I need more confidence”, but what is confidence? In the main what they are really saying is that I am less confident than I used to be, confidence starts to grow as children as long as we are nurtured, loved and live in safe surroundings. But for a large number of people this is not true.

Offer support but stay out of the way

It would seem that it does not matter if you’re the Prime Minister, or simply trying to lose weight or even stop smoking, the best support comes from those who offer practical help without making a fuss, it was reported by the Daily Mail with regard to a recent study in the U.S. journal Psychological Science.

“I’m Not Good Enough”

As a hypnotherapist and anxiety specialist for nearly 12 years now, I have come across the belief that “I’m not good enough” so many times that I’m fed up of writing it so in my client notes it’s just INGE syndrome.

I probably see this in 70 – 80% of my clients. The strange thing is most of my clients believe that it is just the way they were born. This is definitely not the case.