Returning to Natural Childbirth

While the notion of natural childbirth is very appealing to pregnant mums it is typically the thought of pain that prevents it from occurring. Even with practice and training, there is in many cases an underlying fear that pain will probably become overwhelming and the planning will go out of the window.

Fear of pain is certainly a primal impulse, so is rooted deep in the mind of numerous mums-to-be. Occasionally the pain can be so intense that it stops her from focusing on staying relaxed and in the childbirth zone.

Everyone’s pain limit is different; hence, how they take care of any pain during labour is bound to differ. Even for the most pain tolerant, the mental, physical and emotional pressure can be overwhelming. As the tension, painfulness and stress increase so does the level of anxiousness.


Because of this, any type of painful sensation would then be perceived as being a whole lot more intense and distressing. As anxiousness levels increase, so does the experience of pain, which causes a spiral of fear, worry and pain. It is no surprise that focusing on relaxing, deep breathing and pushing can be difficult.

Relaxation and concentration are the fundamentals for success, as they keep the anxiousness cycle from growing.

If the mums-to-be is not able to deal appropriately with any discomfort then in many cases the labour is usually prolonged. She can also become so distraught that she starts to suffer extreme muscle cramps in her back, legs and arms and a natural birth can become an unhappy and scary event. The inability to cope with labour pains can also cause the heart rate to become erratic, send the blood pressure rising or create metabolic imbalances within the bloodstream.

Hypnotherapy for pain management in natural childbirth

The use of hypnosis can be really worthwhile in helping the mums-to-be to get a handle on the pain. A hypnotherapeutic technique can work to relax through each contraction or focus away from it. With the anxiety cycle in check, labour can move along much quicker and more comfortably.

Helping the mums-to-be to diminish or even remove the pain completely is the goal of the hypnotherapist along with helping them to stay completely peaceful. Michelle Seymour from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy based in Surrey explained why in their view hypnotherapy is extremely successful in helping expecting mothers to have a natural childbirth, ***YOUR_COMMENT***. A relaxed mother will probably also actually feel better equipped to make sure that their baby receives the most beneficial start possible to life.

from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy based in Surrey explained why in their view hypnotherapy strategies are extremely successful in helping expectant women to have a natural childbirth, “A key factor.

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