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The COVID-19 lockdown presented us with a real challenge in regards to delivering our hypnotherapy training. Normally, we would have up to 12 students in the class. However, to be able to maintain some level of social distancing we have decided to limit that to only 8 in the current circumstances.

learn hypnotherapy online

Can you learn hypnotherapy online?

The obvious answer is to adapt the course to have an online element so students can learn hypnotherapy online but still benefit from the classroom experience. Now online learning as definitely a valid method of learning, many universities offer the option. However, for hypnotherapy diploma training, we have always felt that distance learning, as opposed to being able learn hypnotherapy online, is inadequate in the quality of the training delivered. Because hypnotherapy is a practical profession and you have to be present with the client to deliver an effective session with them. And we believe the same goes for hypnotherapy diploma training.

However, technology has moved on and the lockdown has encouraged us to explore new ways of consulting online to meet the ever-increasing demands for our hypnotherapy. So when COVID-19 struck we moved to working with clients on-line. We had to adapt to be able to help our clients.

It has proved to be successful in every regard. The only stumbling block we have encountered is that some clients can’t get the privacy in their homes, but we have even got around that with clients actually taking the sessions in their car away from the home.

So this got us to thinking about our Hypnotherapy Diploma…

Learn Hypnotherapy Using Distance Learning

Distance learning offers people the opportunity to work in their own time, but it is far from ideal. It delivers prerecorded tutor sessions and written material that you have to study in your own time. To use distance learning you need self-motivation, more discipline, good organisation and planning skills. Because the instructor is not seated in front of you, you don’t get direct access and hence you lose the personal interaction with the instructor, such as asking questions and getting the feedback and general group dynamics that a classroom offers.

Distance learning does not offer immediate feedback. In a traditional classroom setting, a student’s performance can be immediately assessed through questions and informal testing. With distance/online learning, a student has to wait for feedback until the instructor has reviewed their work and responded to it. Further, in hypnotherapy training, We need to be able to assess students oral communication skills and the way they deliver the hypnosis and suggestions. We also need to guide them on how to deal with difficult situations appropriately and ethically.

For all these reasons we have decided that distance learning for our hypnotherapy diploma training is not a satisfactory option. However, with the COVID-19 crisis, we have had to think long and hard as we have students booked in. And these students are really keen to train to be a hypnotherapist.

However, The Answer is in Technology…

Learn hypnotherapy online with in-class experience

We have decided to use technology to help us deliver the in-class experience but online. So we have devised a way for us to have some students virtually present in the class. They will be able to interact with the in-class students and instructor in real-time. This will involve lots of cameras, cables and lighting our end that you don’t need to worry about. From the students end they will need a computer that has a camera, a microphone and a good internet connection. It could even be done with a tablet, like an iPad.

The students to have a virtual presence in the room so they learn hypnotherapy online. They will be able to interact, watch lectures and demonstrations and do the practice sessions. This is how we are working with clients at the moment. Online students will be able to take part in discussions and problem-solving workshops that are all important parts of our course.

So effectively, we offer our course as, a face-to-face interactive and dynamic virtual classroom experience. The student will be expected to be online all day and get involved just like they would in the classroom. The student will be able to do everything that they can do in the class, except for, drinking our coffee and eating our biscuits. The good news for the online students is they won’t need to travel or get accommodation if they aren’t local.

However, because of the complexities in delivering this level of integration we are currently only offering 4 places to learn hypnotherapy online on both our intensive and weekend courses.

So if you would like to join us online don’t delay go to Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

Paul Howard is a clinical hypnotherapist and trainer with approximately 30,000 client hours under his belt. With over 20 years experience he says he is still learning everyday with every client. He specialises in anxiety and psoriasis.

He works as a full-time hypnotherapist and trainer with the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. They run weekend and intensive hypnotherapy training courses in-person based in Wallington, Surrey. They also help students that want to learn hypnotherapy online through live attendance to the in-person class diploma.

If you are looking for accredited hypnotherapy training all our courses are accepted by the major hypnotherapy professional bodies and then the CNHC. All of our clinical hypnotherapy courses, online or in-person, offer best hypnotherapy certification available.

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