The real cost of smoking

Hypnotherapy to stop smokingWhat would you and your partner do with over half a million pounds, £532,304.10 to be precise? Spend it on cigarettes perhaps? Well, if you and your partner both smoke 60 cigarettes a day between you, and you both smoke for another 50 years, this is exactly how much it will cost you.

Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t smoke that much. Ok then, a smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes a day for just 10 years will spend £25,773.09.

A smoker who plans to smoke 20 a day for 30 years will waste £90,396.43.

These figures are based on a packet of cigarettes costing £6.50 for the first year and then increasing by 1.5% per pack, per year, thereafter, and this is not unreasonable to assume as this year in the budget it jumped 37p alone (5.6%).

As well as significant health issues, if you’re a smoker perhaps you should be asking yourself if you can afford to smoke. Half a million pounds would pay off more than the average mortgage and buy a nice car, and even a yacht, but because you spend the money in small amounts, i.e. daily, you don’t really notice it.  Smokers always find the money to smoke, even if they go short on other essentials.

Imagine your reaction if someone offered you £90,000 to stop smoking and never smoke again, and if you did you would have to pay it back. Would it change your desire to smoke? For most it would, however, there are some smokers that would refuse, stating that they enjoy smoking. These smokers are not ready to stop.

This illogical reasoning is caused by our conscious mind that has to make sense of why we do something as pitiful as smoking. I was a smoker for 27 years, I know. Often we use excuses like “I’m addicted”, “It’s a habit”, “It relaxes me”, etc, etc. These are just that, excuses. I have helped thousands of smokers to get rid of this pitiful behaviour.

Hypnotherapy to stop smokingSo, how do you stop smoking? How do you get rid of this pitiful behaviour? Most smokers know that smoking is costly, both in financial terms and in the cost to our health, but the fear of stopping often holds them back. Many smokers think that they will fail, be ratty, not be able to concentrate, tearing their hair out and generally unable to cope with the imagined withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This fear of stopping is greater than the fear of smoking. Sometimes, our conscious reasoning process can work against us.

If you could stop smoking, feel good, significantly reduce any withdrawal symptoms or cravings so that you felt confident about your ability to stop smoking for good, would that change your view on stopping smoking?  That it would cost a fraction of the money that you would have spent if you were to carry on smoking, would you stop smoking now?

The aim of using hypnotherapy to stop smoking is to help you become a happy non-smoker in one session.

Would you rather spend hundreds of thousands of pounds feeding a pitiful behaviour that has not got a single benefit to it, or stop smoking easily, quickly, naturally and safely?

Imagine someone offered you £90,396.43, how would you feel? Excited or afraid?  You can do whatever you decide to do. Why not take that step to a richer future, both financially and in health. See our stop smoking programme

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