Are drugs interfering with your life?

hypnotherapy for Drugs

Hypnotherapy for drug abuse is widely used to help individuals to stop taking narcotics. Generally, many hypnotherapy professionals can deal with problem behaviours. Nonetheless, we would advise looking for a hypnotherapist with distinct and dedicated experience in the area of drug related problems.

Prescription medications and illegal drugs, along with the newer ‘legalised highs’, may all grow to be hard to control.

There are many different types of illegal drugs such as: cocaine, heroin and cannabis. Nurofen Plus, Solpadeine and paracetamol are all authorised over the counter substances which are readily accessible, but which may prove to be addictive.

These days ‘legalised highs’ have become obtainable with the content label quite often saying that the contents are plant fertilisers. There are countless numbers of these substances out there. The majority have not been subjected to testing yet and little is known regarding how unsafe the ingredients might be, and to the long-term side effects.

Most addiction is caused continued use over time which develops into habitual behaviour. What this means is that hypnotherapy can help with a large number of these types of behaviour.

Hypnotherapy for drug abuse

If you are intending on stopping your drug addiction, a hypnotic approach will help you make changes. You may assume that the trouble is an actual physical dependency; this is in fact usually not the case.

The subconscious is the place behavioural habits are almost always learnt, built-in and reinforced. This is the reason why interacting with this aspect of the mind is important, as it’s the more powerful and bigger section of the mind. This means that, although we can be attempting with the best will in the world to deliberately stop ourselves repeating inappropriate behaviours, our subconscious is a lot more powerful and it’s a much more difficult section of our psyche to deal with and triumph over.

Paul White, a clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in behavioural problems, from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy based in Surrey, explained “If you are concerned that drugs are developing into a problem for you, whether it is over the counter medication, prescribed medication or other recreational substances such as cocaine or cannabis, hypnotherapy can help.

If drugs are interfering with your social life, your health, your family life, your work life or you are simply worried that drugs are in control of you and not you in control of them. It is time to seek help.

The sooner you try to find help, the sooner you will be free to start living your life again.

Hypnotherapy can help you stop using drugs, to recover rapidly and to stay recovered from drug dependency.

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  1. Hi myself and my boyfriend would like to be hypnotised for cocaine abuse we would realy like to stop doing it with friends at weekends as its not helping our relationship also and would love to stop


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