The real cost of hypnotherapy: Can you afford not to?

Cost of hypnotherapy

Whilst hypnotherapy can offer a profound enhancement in the quality of someone’s life, countless people still see it as potentially expensive and worry about the cost of hypnotherapy. While they will probably spend money on other much more expensive pastimes with the aim of making themselves feel emotionally better, such as retail therapy, nights out, holidays, drinking, smoking, take-away food, etc., spending money on something such as hypnotherapy is believed to be too expensive.

Yet evidence clearly shows that the positive effects of hypnotherapy could be profound, and can assist with problems ranging from anxiety to drug dependency. So in truth, is hypnotherapy really something you can afford to miss out on and what is the real cost of hypnotherapy?

Health factors of hypnotherapy

The conscious mind is particularly restricted with what it takes note of.  However, it keeps every little thing which we have endured in our lives.

Hypnotherapy works by allowing the professional hypnotherapist to access the subconscious of the person, consequently giving the professional hypnotherapist the chance to handle the deep-rooted belief systems and patterns of behaviour. Using this method can bring important health rewards.

Weight concerns

Quite a few dieters, whilst determined to drop some weight and improve their health, discover that sticking to a weight control plan is incredibly hard to do. Irrespective of how hard they try, their motivation and will power is frequently missing. This can be due to subconscious beliefs and patterns regarding food and weight, which no amount of will power may be able to fully resolve. That is where hypnotherapy comes in. A hypnotherapist can work with the customer to reprogramme the mind, altering the subconscious beliefs, hence providing the client with a fresh start to achieve their weight control goals. Because this effects the client long-term it means the cost of hypnotherapy is minuscule. Just think how much can be saved on expensive diets and eating plans.

Addictive behaviours

Countless people with addictions, such as smoking, drinking or gambling, find it extremely hard to escape their habits, even though they could have made numerous genuine efforts to.

Often this comes down to concentrating on the incorrect part of the issue. As an illustration, quite a few smokers choose nicotine patches to help them stop smoking cigarettes because they suppose that in meeting the body’s desire for nicotine they might be able to stop.

Yet, since the compulsion comes from the subconscious mind, this strategy in the majority of cases doesn’t work. Quitting smoking is made easier by working with the subconscious reasons behind cigarette smoking. When someone stop smoking they save between £3,000 and £9,000 every year. When you compare this with the cost of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, a one off fee of around £150, it pales into insignificance.

Social phobia

Anxiety can lead to numerous issues in a person’s life. By way of example, being held back in their profession or studies resulting from speaking anxiety. The price tag on enduring this anxiety is often considerable, causing men and women to stay away from job offers or to drop out of college.

With the help of a hypnotherapist, however, this anxiety can often be conquered, and clients can benefit from a higher level of self-esteem, both in their working and personal lives.

Paul Howard, an expert hypnotherapist, from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy located in Surrey, stated “It is very common for us to see clients that have tried many different approaches to lose weight or stop smoking, often spending thousands of pounds. These clients are amazed at how quickly and powerfully hypnotherapy can change their behaviours and therefore how easily they can make the required changes in their lives.”

Howard, continues “When you compare the cost of hypnotherapy against the real term costs of not taking a promotion or failing at an interview because you were anxious all of a sudden hypnotherapy becomes very cheap indeed. The worrying thing is that people will spend years being restricted by their problem and within a few short weeks they can be living without.”

So even though the initial price of hypnosis might seem outside your financial reach at first glance, the potential financial, health and wellbeing benefits that a hypnotherapeutic approach could bring to your daily life really are invaluable.

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