Getting rid of stress – Is life taking its toll on you?

angry womanSaying that you are stressed isn’t being dramatic. We are all vulnerable to the pressures and problems involved in daily living. Our society is a busy one; all of us are becoming victims of a pressurised and generally scary world.

While front line personnel overcome management pressures, top level management have the company pressures to take care of. Even if you don’t work at the moment, you will in all likelihood have the stress of seeking work. Not to mention stress from other family members and, of course, economic concerns.

Not many people are able to cope with this problem by changing their lifestyle alone. Hypnotherapy is very helpful in getting rid of stress and that has been known for quite a few years.

This being the case, why isn’t everybody stampeding in the direction of the nearest hypnotherapist to get treated?

Well the initial point is, obviously, money. The thought of recession has become a boring one.  However it’s still important. Most people would rather spend those extra pennies on the latest electronic device or seasonal bargain than on our emotional well being.

It is reasonable that we feel this way but it is also worth considering the way that stress actually affects the body if we don’t do anything about it.

Heart palpitations, rapid ageing of the skin, overeating leading to weight gain, under eating leading to poor nutrition, fatigue, troubled sleep, headaches and muscle pain are all potential side effects from untreated stress.

These are only a handful of potential negative effects you could experience. The mental strain might affect your life just as much. It can completely destroy a person and their relationships with family, colleagues and friends.

If you recognise any symptoms referred to above, it is possibly time to seek out some help in getting rid of stress.

When you start to put these symptoms and effects into perspective, hypnotherapy is suddenly a good deal more of an attractive consideration.

It might seem you are putting yourself first, by buying yourself a treat like a new pair of shoes or a new iPad, but really you’re only cheating yourself and your own emotional well being.

Another big factor is worry: People worry about a hypnotic approach being a scam or sham. This is a very dated and mistaken image. Modern hypnotherapy is a research backed industry.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy has been established for over 10 years and we have observed thousands of clients experience the amazing impact of hypnotherapy on a huge variety of problems.

There is so much going on in all of our lives, who wants extra strain? Hypnotherapy can help to eliminate the stress from your life.

Whatever your individual situation, there could be a type of hypnotherapy treatment to help. Getting rid of stress by dealing with the subconscious and conscious using hypnotherapy enables the sufferer to find the issue, solve the problem and maintain the strength to achieve long term change.

So what is blocking you?

Put your mental well being first; it may be the most empowering thing you do.

Paul Howard, a qualified hypnotherapist from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, said “Stress affects many aspects of our life, both at work and at home. It can have a profound effect on things like weight control and anxiety and it is something that we help our clients to eradicate and control on a daily basis.”.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy is committed to raising awareness to the help that hypnotherapy can bring to sufferers of psychological issues. They have specialists that cover various issues such as anxiety, weight control, insomnia, psoriasis and smoking. They have been in practice since 2002 and have male and female therapists on staff.

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