Residents in Wallington Surrey Find Hypnotherapy Really Effective

The Surrey Institute of Clinical HypnotherapyAfter launching our hypnotherapy clinic in Wallington, Surrey we were amazed at the number of clients we saw with anxiety and panic attacks, far more than we expected. A lot of our initial clientèle seemed to be anxiety based difficulties, like travelling phobias and challenges going out alone.

To start with we wondered if there was any external factor in and around Wallington in Surrey that may be responsible for the level of panic and anxiety clients we were seeing. But having talked to plenty of other hypnotherapists, we discovered that they were had similar experiences. Professional hypnotherapists across the UK see many anxiety and panic attack clients in their career.

We also found that our work with overweight clients went down very well with the local people in Wallington, Surrey. Now, be it our particular set up or simply the effectiveness of a hypnotic approach for weight control that has caused the buzz around the local area, we’re not really sure. One thing is for sure our bookings have risen drastically since the early days.

As time has gone by we seem to be attracting clients from quite a few of the surrounding towns, not just Wallington but many other towns in Surrey. We have clients coming from Croydon, Sutton, Banstead, Morden and Cheam we even have clients coming from the other side of London and believe it or not quite a few from Portugal.

The power of our hypnotherapy specialist techniques are such that over the time we have worked productively with problems like:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Drive
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Self-confidence
  • Social phobia
  • Anxiety about flying, water, heights, spiders and many others

These are merely the tip of the iceberg.

By working with the people from Wallington we hope we have made a little bit of an improvement to local people’s lives.

Something we have realised is the fact that people of Wallington have a great durability and fortitude as they have been living with these problems, usually for many years, and yet they have just got on with life. However, should you walk through Wallington in Surrey you’ll never realise it, which suggests they are very good at masking their problems. So, should you have similar problems you can take comfort from the undeniable fact that you are not on your own.

Hypnotherapy strategies can have a real impact on the damaging conditioning that we all receive in our lives, from the minute we are brought into this world until this present day and when the unfavourable conditioning is taken away, altered or just understood; it makes a significant impact on the behaviours. Whether you live in Wallington or John O’Groats it makes no difference.

Does it sound as though hypnotherapy could help you? If you are living anywhere around Surrey and you think it might, why not get in touch and see if we can make a positive impact on your life.

Paul Howard from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy has been working in Wallington, Surrey for over 10 years as a professional hypnotherapist.