Banish Food Cravings Using a Modern Approach

cake small tramsFor quite a few men and women that are trying to slim down or who are finding dieting difficult, food cravings can be a large part of the problem. Hunger pangs are acute feelings that can encourage people to consume large quantities of foods that they should preferably avoid.

Research concludes that the foods that people mostly crave are things like chocolate, biscuits, desserts, sugary snacks and sweets, all of which have only a few nutritional advantages. If food desires are not handled, they can cause a problematic eating pattern, the most well known being chocolate addiction.

There are plenty of reasons behind food cravings. Chemical compounds in our body might affect our brain. Serotonin causes us to feel relaxed and happy, but an insufficiency can lead to anxiety. Endorphin levels are also considered to have an impact on our disposition in the same way. A hypnotic approach will help to manage strong desire for food by targeting the specific parts of the brain in command of habitual responses. Particular foods that are easily available, well promoted and frequently inexpensive, can have a destructive effect on our health. Unhealthy weight gain and other health problems can develop from eating too many foods loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats, including, amongst others, raised blood pressure, cardiovascular illnesses and being diabetic. There have been some significant developments in hypnotherapy which can now assist people eliminate urges for food and therefore prevent them damaging their health.

Chocolate features a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is an amino acid that regulates the release of endorphins hormones from the body that are well known for making us feel good and relaxed. If we devour chocolate and then begin to feel good and relaxed, a link develops with chocolate and the feelings of euphoria. We can then start to crave this sort of feeling and thereby chocolate, particularly when we feel distressed or overwhelmed. Hypnotherapy for food cravings can sever this connection and even supply a new link with a healthy and beneficial substitute, such as working out that release endorphins in a natural manner. It is worth understanding that other ingredients in foods like chocolate may generate a yearning, particularly caffeine and iron. Both of which can negatively impact the body if eaten in large quantities. A craving might also indicate a dietary need in the body, but when the communications become misdirected we can easily desire the wrong types of foods.

Expectant mothers have urges for food to ensure the nutritional needs of the body and the baby are met. For instance, iron may be required if there is a craving for red meat as it contains a significant amount. For many individuals though, eating way too much and being over-weight might cause numerous health problems, including weight problems. Hypnotherapy treatments aim to change certain behaviours in the brain to reverse these tendencies and avoid more complicated problems associated with being overweight.

Utilising hypnotherapy to manage, control and ultimately eradicate changes in the strong desires can be quite tricky, so choosing a knowledgeable and well qualified hypnotherapist is vitally important. Paul Howard a hypnotherapist working in the The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy practice, has countless years of experience of tackling problems like food cravings.

From Surrey, Paul White, a skilled hypnotherapist, said “The complicated chemical compounds in our body affecting our brain are simply building a ‘conditioned response’, in other words at certain times, places or in certain situations, you feel like eating. Hypnotherapy for food cravings is able to change these responses easily and effortlessly”.

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