The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy supports World No Tobacco Day

Saturday 31st May – World No Tobacco Day could be a great day to get rid of smoking.

World No Smoking DayThe World Health Organisation (WHO) state that tobacco is the single most preventable cause of death around the globe, wiping out nearly 6 million people a year – 600,000 of whom are non-smokers. WHO promotes the day by encouraging governments around the globe to increase taxation on tobacco to help save lives.

But for quite a few of those who try to give up smoking, even on World No Tobacco Day, find that it is one of the most difficult challenges they have ever faced. While a few are successful at staying motivated to quit, the vast majority of smokers find it hard to maintain their commitment.

Willpower, used on its own, is an unreliable method for beating problem behaviours like smoking – it works by making use of the conscious mind to overcome what are often complex, subconscious-based behavioural patterns. Quite frankly this makes it hard work mentally and this in part is what dooms it to failure. As the driving forces from the subconscious are usually unknown to us, this approach is a bit like playing darts in the dark – you might get lucky, but the probabilities are stacked against you.

Understanding the real cause of your smoking behaviour can greatly enhance your prospects of getting rid of smoking for good. Such as, do you smoke cigarettes because you believe it reduces stress, or do you smoke cigarettes because it gives the hands something to do?

What if all the things you think about smoking aren’t true?

Comprehending the actual root of your habits may make it easier to know which steps to take to enable you to overcome them. Another important factor in beating an addiction is being honest with yourself; if you’ve tried without success numerous times before, it could be time to admit that you may need a little assistance.

What makes a hypnotheraputic approach just right for smokers on World No Tobacco Day?

NRT patchesStudies show that using a hypnotherapist can be three times more effective to get rid of smoking than nicotine replacement therapy alone; simply because actual dependence on nicotine often plays only a tiny part in the total dependency. If you want to successfully overcome cigarettes, the subconscious mind must be involved.

That’s where hypnosis is very useful.

The power of positive suggestion can be utilised by the hypnotherapist after they’ve eased the client into a state of deep relaxation. Our professional hypnotherapists use this method to re-educate the mind with new thought processes about smoking. Although the person is awake during the hypnotherapy session, the subconscious has been involved and is influenced more significantly than during a normal treatment session.

Does hypnotherapy really work?

Each of us is different; consequently there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment which will work precisely the same for anyone. However, many clients find hypnotherapy to be an incredibly relaxing sensation, often discovering that they leave the treatment feeling far more confident in their ability to stop smoking.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy has helped 1000’s of smokers to get rid of smoking for good.

The desire to stop is still very important, but by mixing the strength of the conscious and subconscious, you can develop greater health for you and your loved ones, plus you’ll save money from all the cigarettes you’ll no longer want to buy.

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