Does hypnotherapy really work?

does hypnotherapy really work

Hypnotherapy is scoffed at by more than a few people, questioning, ‘does hypnotherapy really work?’. The concept of a swinging pocket watch and the saying ‘you are feeling sleepy… very sleepy’ is what springs to mind when anyone hears the word ‘hypnotherapy’. Either that or they link it with being made to do demeaning stuff …

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UK Hypnotherapy Regulation Explained

Does hypnotherapy regulation confuse and overwhelm you? You are not alone.  We get asked so many times to explain the state of the UK hypnotherapy regulation by people who are considering becoming a hypnotherapist, as well as actual trained hypnotherapists. Most people get really confused by all the different associations and professional bodies and the …

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Using distraction techniques for anxiety

distraction techniques for anxiety

What are distraction techniques for anxiety? For many people, anxiety is a challenge they have to overcome on a regular basis. When people experience anxiety, it’s common for them to try to distract themselves from their feelings.  Distraction techniques are often used in the process of dealing with anxiety, as they provide relief by helping …

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How to Become a Hypnotherapist Book [Ultimate Guide]

does hypnotherapy really work

As you are reading this article, it is quite likely that you are looking to train to be a hypnotherapist, or perhaps you wish to add hypnotherapy to your current skills. Whatever the reasons, you have probably already discovered that there is a myriad of courses, types of hypnotherapy, qualifications, schools, professional associations and governing …

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Report: How does hypnotherapy work?

How does hypnotherapy work? Research answers the question David Spiegel, from Stanford University, scanned the brains of volunteers who were told they were looking at coloured objects, when they were really black and white. A scan showing areas of the brain that are used to register colour showed an increased blood flow, indicating that they …

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Hypnotherapy to lose weight

Lots of people are turning to hypnotherapy to lose weight because it can tackle a variety of problems, as opposed to conventional approaches. Excessive weight and overeating are now widespread and are causing massive problems for the individual and society in general. There is a plethora of diets on the market, each offering miracle cures …

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Back in the room

I’m hearing a lot of buzz in the hypnotherapy industry about the ITV show ‘Back in the Room’, due to be shown this Saturday the 14th March. There seems to be a lot of scaremongering and worry about how it will be detrimental to our profession. One self-proclaimed spokesman on behalf of the profession stated …

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Can Paul McKenna’s new £5 app help you to lose weight?

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Paul McKenna claims that his Hypnotic Gastric Band app is a ‘surgery-free weight-loss solution’ that ‘can help convince the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted, so the body behaves as though a band is physically present.’. However, top surgeons have warned that, in their …

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Dealing with Problem Gambling

Dealing with gambling

Hypnotherapy is this phenomenal treatment for problem gambling. A great number of non-gamblers wonder how some individuals can gamble beyond their means, and if you are a gambler yourself, you may wonder how to tell if you have a problem. If you gamble when you don’t want to, or continue beyond the point where you …

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Clinical Hypnotherapy – What is it?

What is Hypnosis

A hypnotherapist uses the trance state of hypnosis as a tool to make the therapy treatment more effective, and then treats specific problems that the client may have. Clinical hypnotherapy usually works very well when the client’s focus is directed internally so they become more self-aware. This is by and large achieved by relaxing the …

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Hypnotherapy strategies can aid in reducing your stress levels

Hypnotherapy to manage anger

Hypnotherapy can assist in the treatment of short-term stress in a natural way. If you are aware an event is coming up that will cause you stress, hypnotherapy can help you prepare for it and learn how to deal with it effectively. For instance, if you are attending job interviews and find that stress is …

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Gastric band hypnosis stops the desire for big portions

hypnotic gastric band

Reducing weight can sometimes be a complex process. Emotions and food can become very tightly linked for many individuals, which might make sticking with a diet challenging and disheartening. These problems can then make people try extreme methods to help them get slimmer. The widely used ‘gastric band’ surgical treatment has received plenty of coverage …

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Forget the diets, change the behaviours

does hypnotherapy really work

If you are thinking of going on a diet programme, perhaps you are deciding which one to choose, 5:2, Dukan, Low GI, Low GL or calorie counting. Part of the decision process is trying to work out which is the best one for losing weight. Basically, you have to ignore the term diet and just …

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Hangovers affect the mind as well as the body

Anyone who has woken up after a drinking session will have probably noticed before the way a hangover affects your ability to process mental problems and think clearly. Psychologists at the Keele University’s School of Psychology, studying hangovers, found that apart from causing anxiety, dizziness, feeling sick/vomiting and headaches, hangovers are also detrimental to brain …

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Advanced hypnotherapy training

does hypnotherapy really work

As March or September approaches we start to get enquiries about our training courses. We are often asked if we teach advanced hypnotherapy training. In an effort to answer that, I would like to tell you what we do and further down I will tackle that question. How our hypnotherapy training is different At the …

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Gastric band hypnosis is it a magic pill?

Gastric band hypnosis is the latest magic pill to sweep through the hypnotherapy industry. People come for hypnotherapy for weight loss expecting a magic pill and, although it has some apparently magical properties, it certainly isn’t a magic pill. Clients seek out hypnotherapy for many different reasons, but for those wanting to lose weight it …

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Hypnotherapy to lose weight – Is it too good to be true?

Since we released the video of how Rebecca used hypnotherapy to lose weight just over a week ago, we have had lots of feedback asking us if this was possible and how she really felt during those eight months that she lost the weight. Rebecca said “I just didn’t feel like eating the food that I …

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Weight loss hypnotherapy – Top 3 motivators for long term success

Report: Woman ‘overhaul’ their bodies five times a year and men twice a year. According to a report about weight loss hypnotherapy released today, in the Daily Mail, 60 per cent of women slim down before summer holidays, the wedding season and other important events to get their desired body. A third of women say …

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Hypnotherapy for anxiety helps 79% of subjects

In a recent study of 100 previous anxiety clients we found that overall 74% of clients noticed significant benefits from their course of hypnotherapy treatments. In our analysis of previous hypnotherapy clients, we looked at 100 clients that presented with either social anxiety or agoraphobic type anxiety. The clients were drawn at random over a …

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Why some hypnotherapy training courses train you to fail.

does hypnotherapy really work

There is a conflict of interest for all hypnotherapy schools that prospective students need to be aware of. Every student that undertakes hypnotherapy training is effectively competition for the hypnotherapy trainers themselves, unless of course they are no longer practising therapists and then their knowledge base and skill set have to be questioned. So it …

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Report: How to find effective hypnotherapy training

hypnotherapy introduction

“At the Surrey Institute we train people from all walks of life to become effective hypnotherapists by offering practical hypnotherapy training but finding effective hypnotherapy training is a task in its own right.” Changing careers is something which is becoming more common, with thousands of people opting to say goodbye to their mundane office jobs …

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How Anxiety is Generated, Maintained and Enhanced

Combat Anxiety with Hypnotherapy “Combat anxiety with Hypnotherapy which is scientifically proven to help” Anxiety is something which is extremely common. Feelings of anxiety are much more than general day to day worries or nerves. Anxiousness causes problems in people’s lives, through work, socialising and difficulties in relationships. The difficulties cause further anxiety, and therefore …

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Hypnotherapy education brings changes in students

In a survey of former students, the data showed that a hypnotherapy education does more than just prepare students for their new profession. The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy surveyed a selection of its former students from the last 10 years. Some surprising results were uncovered. One was that in the student’s perception, the course …

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Hypnotherapy Diploma Offers a Wonderful New Career

In a recent survey of former hypnotherapy students, we uncovered some interesting facts about the type of people that take up our hypnotherapy diploma training. Our clinical hypnotherapy diploma courses are often taken up by people that are looking for a new direction in their lives. For example, people taking early retirement, redundancy or even …

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Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Does hypnotherapy work? This is a question we are asked a lot of the time. Obviously, we are going to say that it does, but don’t take our word for it. There are hundreds of independent research studies across a wide range of topics that show it is a very effective, if not the most …

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Report on how hypnotherapy helps to remove the symptoms of IBS

“Published research supports hypnotherapy in being valuable in relieving symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome” Hypnotherapy is designed to relax the conscious mind and allow the subconscious to respond to suggestions which are aimed at helping make positive changes. This form of communication aims to enhance, motivate and change perceptions of any difficulties a person is …

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A case study – The effects of bullying on anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety – Agroaphobic eating “Imagine finding it impossible to eat in public, without fear of being sick” The following case study follows a man that found it difficult to eat in public. Something which is in fact very common, but too many of us is a strange experience. It looks at the treatment …

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Adele visits hypnotherapist for stage nerves

Adele is reported to be visiting a hypnotherapist to help her overcome her stage nerves. The star has been having the treatment in LA in a bid to conquer her anxiety over her upcoming Oscars performance. Adele is booked to perform her Bond theme Skyfall at the ceremony on February 24 – where it is …

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Kate Middleton using Hypnotherapy

Morning sickness is a common occurrence in pregnant women, but often difficult to control. It is usually caused by an imbalance of hormones due to the pregnancy and usually occurs within the first trimester of pregnancy. Morning sickness can be present in anyone and unfortunately there is often no way of predicting it or alleviating …

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People who don’t eat get hungry

I must admit that the above headline may seem a little glib. However, I was so shocked and amazed by the revelations of the BBC’s Health News site, “Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat” that to coin a phrase, unfortunately this wasn’t exactly food for thought and, surprise surprise, it wasn’t exactly …

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Hypnotherapy helps problem drinking in the baby boomers

More NHS money is spent treating alcohol-related illness in the 55 to 74-year-olds than on the young, a study says. The Alcohol Concern report found the cost of hospital admissions linked to heavy drinking 55 to 74-year-olds in 2010-11 was more than £825m. That was 10 times more than 16 to 24-year-olds. Almost £2 billion …

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Over a third of cancers are due to lifestyle

Nearly half of cancers (over 130,000) diagnosed in the UK each year are caused by avoidable life choices including smoking, drinking and diet, research reveals. Smoking is the biggest culprit, causing 23% of cases in men and 15.6% in women, says the Cancer Research UK report. This is followed in men by a lack of …

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Simon Cowell gives smoking a “NO” with Hypnotherapy

Simon has reportedly started to undergo hypnosis to kick the habit, as it has been claimed that the star’s friends and family want him to try and quit. The X Factor USA judge has been smoking for almost 44 years despite his family’s history of health complications, and he admitted that his New Year’s resolution was to try and give up his 15-a-day. A source says,

Jack Dee Wards off Depression with Hypnotherapy

In a recent interview with Bryony Gordon from The Telegraph, Jack Dee discusses how he uses hypnotherapy on a casual but regular basis to, as he puts it, “reset the brain”.

He says “I was on various anti-depressants, but not for long – I didn’t function very well on them. I felt sort of flattened out. Plus I found another way…” He trails off. And that was? “Hypnotherapy.”

Most smokers want to quit? – Now there’s a surprise!

A Office for National Statistics report, based on research on 13,000 people, has discovered that 63% of smokers in Britain wanted to quit.  Not much of a surprise I hear you saying.  Well it certainly wasn’t to us, but it went on to say that they find it hard to go even a day without smoking.

Fizzy drinks subtract life

What damage does fizzy soft drinks cause? Looking at the latest research quite a lot. A study by UK and US researchers claims that drinking too many sugary beverages appears to raise the risk of high blood pressure.

Poor alcohol regulation will cause 250,000 deaths

However, can we really blame the lack of regulation for this problem. Surely the behaviour is set up long before people can afford to buy alcohol. Children are subjected to watching their parents having a great time whilst drinking alcohol, using it to de-stress and even using it to “let off steam”.

Spiders and Snakes – who cares? by John Marks

Phobias although fairly simple in terms of anxiety disorders can themselves be underpinned by many different facets and reasons. However what this study shows is that we are not born with them so it has to be conditioning. The great news for those who suffer with phobias is that if it’s conditioning then it can be changed.

Offer support but stay out of the way

It would seem that it does not matter if you’re the Prime Minister, or simply trying to lose weight or even stop smoking, the best support comes from those who offer practical help without making a fuss, it was reported by the Daily Mail with regard to a recent study in the U.S. journal Psychological Science.

Take the p*** out of the NHS

I was really heartened by the focus on hypnobirthing by the media lately. Firstly there was One Born Every Minute on Channel 4 yesterday on the 14th February, and then in the Daily Mail talking about the NHS using hypnotherapy in a trial to take the pain out of birth. However, they both miss the point. The fact is that they are actually perpetuating the problem. In both of them their main feature is PAIN.