Treating Teenage Problems Effectively

Teenage problems

The teenage years can be one of the most challenging periods of life, as teenagers undergo major changes with their body, deal with pressures of education and school life, in addition to criticism and hormonal changes. Left unchecked, the weight of these numerous pressures can typically leave a mark by damaging a teenager’s confidence and self-esteem, and resulting in a feeling of “not feeling good enough”.

Much like adults, teenagers show their frustrations and respond to stress or depression in different ways. If depression or anxious feelings begin to develop, then this, coupled with natural hormonal changes, can cause difficulties with class work, family and friends, and lapses in memory, bouts of anger or often becoming easily irritated. Physical symptoms can include low energy, upset stomach, migraines and many other physical problems like alopecia.

Prolonged periods of anxiety and stress can be emotionally draining, and this can cause a drop in performance in school. This in turn adds to the amount of pressure and anxiety feelings experienced by the teenager, fuelling the situation. High levels of emotional stress can result in a young person developing other factors such as agoraphobia, social phobia and eating disorders, which may stop them socialising and developing a strong social network which can impact them into their adult life.

Quite a few people don’t take teenage problems very seriously as they are not considered an ‘adult’, but in fact they may be struggling with problems just as significant, but unique to their age bracket. And just like adults, they may suffer the impact of bullying or peer pressure and performance fears such as public speaking or examination nerves, feeling miserable and overwhelmed.

A combination of treatments is highly recommended to help tackle teenage issues before they escalate. The external components need to be attended to, as well as the internal psychological factors, and of course, there ought to be support and encouragement from loved ones. Quite possibly, the most effective treatment option is hypnotherapy, which could help to alleviate quite a few of the pressures that effect teenagers.

Hypnotherapy treatments work by giving teenagers the ability to change and control their reaction to stressful ‘trigger’ situations. It starts by establishing any issues that may have caused these problems to develop.

This could be critical parents or siblings, alcohol or drug-related problems in the household, bullying at high school or even some sort of abuse.

To get a teenager to react more reasonably they need to really feel positive and in control of their life.  A hypnotherapist has a great deal of techniques at their disposal to help them accomplish this. This can help them to deal better with the constant changes in their lives and manage their work better in class.

Our hypnotherapy for teenagers programme will thus stop further problems at home and at school, but, as well as using a hypnotheraputic process, teenagers have to have the support of their families and teachers at school.

Paul White, a paediatric specialist from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy said, “Parents often find it very difficult to treat teenage problems, due to the fact they are not teenagers themselves any more.  Therefore, they simply do not relate to the teenage way of thinking.  Even with specialist training, this is sometimes very difficult to achieve.”.

2 thoughts on “Treating Teenage Problems Effectively”

  1. Good afternoon,
    My daughter is coming up for 15 and will be taking her GCSE’s next year. She has anxieties about exams and worries about not being able to do as well as she needs to. She is a really bright, fun girl and works very had but I think its starting to dominate her happiness. We have talked about her having councelling and she is really open to having some help to maybe give her coping techniques when she starts to feel overwhelmed.

    • Hi Debbie
      I’m really sorry I have only just seen this.

      Her anxieties are almost certainly something to do with the thought processes she has and by changing those to more appropriate thoughts she should be able to completely change the outcomes.

      Paul White our paediatric hypnotherapist should be able to help her to identify and alter those thought processes fairly quickly.


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