Childhood phobic disorders; should they be sorted out early?

Phobias are an irrational and overwhelming fear of a predicament or object. Phobias are much more distinct than just being slightly concerned about something; it is a severe fear and avoidance of a particular scenario or object that characterises a phobic anxiety. In really serious cases, phobic anxiety can cause isolation, anxiety and panic attacks …

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Utilising hypnotherapy interventions to help teenage problems

Teenagers can benefit enormously from hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help young children with lots of the difficulties that they have, and in the following paragraphs we look at how hypnotherapy may help. There are lots of stressors on children in these modern times. They may endure feelings of low self-worth, anxiety as well as hormonal difficulties. …

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Treating Teenage Problems Effectively

The teenage years can be one of the most challenging periods of life, as teenagers undergo major changes with their body, deal with pressures of education and school life, in addition to criticism and hormonal changes. Left unchecked, the weight of these numerous pressures can typically leave a mark by damaging a teenager’s confidence and …

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People who don’t eat get hungry

I must admit that the above headline may seem a little glib. However, I was so shocked and amazed by the revelations of the BBC’s Health News site, “Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat” that to coin a phrase, unfortunately this wasn’t exactly food for thought and, surprise surprise, it wasn’t exactly …

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Poor alcohol regulation will cause 250,000 deaths

However, can we really blame the lack of regulation for this problem. Surely the behaviour is set up long before people can afford to buy alcohol. Children are subjected to watching their parents having a great time whilst drinking alcohol, using it to de-stress and even using it to “let off steam”.

The Older The Better, A New Career

You most probably have heard all the old clichés about many a good tune played on an old fiddle and experience helps us not to repeat the mistakes of the past, you will be familiar with many more little maxims to help soften the rampant discrimination built into our culture against ‘getting old’.

Learn Hypnotherapy – The Inside Track.

When someone is thinking of training as a Hypnotherapist they are inundated with a myriad of courses, trainers and qualifications. Here I expose the key factors in any hypnotherapy-training course that you need to watch out for. Quite often these are not discovered until it is too late and the student has started the course.