Hypnotic Gastric Band Proves Its Worth

A hypnotic gastric band is a cutting edge therapeutic intervention , aimed at combating overeating issues by making use of advanced hypnotherapy techniques. By utilising a technique that places the gastric band, in a virtual way through a hypnotherapeutic approach, expensive traditional surgery can be avoided plus the serious risks that go with it and the uncomfortable side effects such as queasiness, diarrhoea and heartburn. Hypnotherapy is used to alter your mind set and allow you to change your eating behaviour and put together a healthier connection with food.

hypnotic gastric band

People are fast becoming more worried about their weight and diet, and with so much emphasis on overeating issues it isn’t surprising that individuals are turning to drastic measures when countless diets have failed. Overeating issues carries many associated risks including cardiovascular failure, high blood pressure, diabetes and countless more.

A hypnotic gastric band – How does it work

A hypnotic gastric band can safely assist those people who have struggled to shed weight but only if they need help to manage portion size. At the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy we would not install a hypnotic gastric band in isolation. We would also address things like motivation, self-confidence, behavioural change, determination to exercise and healthy eating within the treatment.

The hypnotic gastric band – A clients view

In case studies our clients have been able to lose incredible amounts of weight when this approach is taken. Their quality of life has become greatly improved as they have successfully broken free from previous limitations imposed on them by their weight. Losing weight is a huge personal achievement and something to be very proud of. Ever more people are choosing to use gastric band hypnotherapy as part of our hypnotic weight loss programme as not only do they lose weight, it can help to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Who is a hypnotic gastric band suitable for?

Gastric band hypnotherapy may be suitable for those that have a BMI of over 25. This is calculated by using your height and weight to find out what your ideal weight is. If you are having difficulty dropping the pounds and your portion sizes are far too large then this could be an advisable option.

When compared to having a gastric band fitted surgically, hypnotherapy carries no risk, it does not have any negative effects, additionally it is much cheaper and you will not need any recovery time. Initially, the person’s eating habits and relationship with food might be discussed so that a treatment plan can be jointly agreed upon. During the hypnotherapy the sub-conscious mind will register that the band has been fitted and modify eating patterns accordingly. Most of the people notice that their desire for food lessens and that they initially lose significant amounts of weight.

Gastric band hypnotherapy can be an intricate and difficult technique for some hypnotherapists and it is thereby necessary to choose one that specialises in this subject. Paul Howard from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy actually developed this approach back in 2004 and has the experience to be able to offer gastric band hypnotherapy. However, at the Surrey Institute we will only implement gastric band hypnotherapy as part of their hypnotherapy weight loss programme at their offices in and around Surrey.

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