Treating high blood pressure

high blood pressure

At the Surrey Institute, we use the Hypnotension programme to treat high blood pressure problems. The programme has been designed specifically to assist the vast number of men and women with hypertension (high blood pressure).

What is raised blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a way of measuring the pressure inside of your arterial blood vessels as your heart pumps blood around your body. It normally changes during the day, in accordance with your psychological state and physical activity levels.  Nevertheless, if it remains consistently too high over time it is known as high blood pressure or ‘hypertension’, which means ‘over pressure’.

Normal blood pressure level is about 115/75 mmHg, but should your blood pressure be 140/90 or more for upwards of two weeks, it is deemed to be high blood pressure. This means your cardiovascular system would need to work much harder to circulate the blood throughout the body and the more significant the blood pressure, the more strain all your vessels are under. Keep in mind countless things can affect your blood pressure levels, so one high reading doesn’t mean elevated blood pressure.

Should your hypertension levels reach 160/100 mmHg or maybe higher, you would be deemed to be at significant risk, therefore you would usually be given medication to help to get it in check. Because there are many factors involved there is no one-size-fits-all with relation to the medication. Ideally, a blood pressure reading of 115/75 mmHg is the perfect point and you should strive to ensure that it stays under 120/80 mmHg whenever possible.

What makes high blood pressure hazardous?

Elevated blood pressure accounts for 20-25% of all deaths globally and affects a staggering one in three men and women around the world. That means within the UK and United States around 16 million and 50 million adults are affected respectively. In around 90% of all instances of elevated blood pressure, no known medical contributing factor is located. This is called essential or primary Hypertension and it is particularly these people that the Hypnotension system was developed for.

It is thought that high blood pressure is a major factor in, amongst others, strokes, heart attacks and artery diseases. It can actually lower quality of life and drastically affect life expectancy.

With primary or essential hypertension, it is considered that lifestyle aspects are the most probable cause.

An inactive lifestyle, substandard diet, unhealthy weight and being out of shape physically, as well as environmental aspects and lifestyle choices, are believed to cause and sustain raised blood pressure. Stress and anxiety are also thought to have an important effect on raised blood pressure.

It is well known that these things are difficult to deal with long term. The fact is they account for a substantial number of problems the general population experience difficulty controlling.

A doctor may recommend medication if he or she feels the lifestyle change isn’t effective or not enough to help the condition.

Healthcare professionals are frequently forced to propose medication for the safety of sufferers who are incapable or reluctant to produce a lifestyle change. The issue is that these medications often come with significant side effects like asthma symptoms, cold hands and feet, depression, erection problems, insomnia and other sleep problems. Usually, the benefits of the medication outweigh the side effects.

There are, of course, contributing factors to this problem that are psychological and doctors generally work with the symptoms and simply don’t have time to resolve the psychological causes. This is where the Hypnotension system steps in. It works jointly with the part of the mind that controls our behavioural responses and helps to make the changes needed to reduce blood pressure in the long term.

Paul Howard is a skilled Hypnotension specialist based in Surrey who will help you make positive progress with the lifestyle factors which can be causing you to experience this problem.

Howard said,

If you’re able to make the required lifestyle changes, you may well be able to avoid, or come off, the medication eventually. The next step is for you to make. If you want to take a greater part in your health and well being, why not simply call to discuss the options. The alterations you may make with the Hypnotension programme can affect your health for the better long-term.

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