Our 5 Top Fears

Everyone has some fears. This does not matter where you live, your age, your colour or creed, fear is a component of the human experience, it is part of our make-up. In fact, without having it, our survival chances would be considerably reduced. Fear is designed to keep us safe, it stops us crossing a road when there are cars coming and it stops us touching a fire or going too close to the edge of a cliff.

When fear is relevant, it forces us to take measures to keep us safe, this is normal and natural. We need to understand that fear itself is a normal and natural response to a dangerous circumstance. It is information and offers us a greater understanding of our environment and ourselves.

There are five well-accepted worries that all of us share as a society.


This is the fear of no longer being here or dying. From the day we’re born we are designed to survive each and every other animal, so the fear of death is completely natural. When we all of a sudden face a dangerous situation, our heart rate would instantly increase because our body is being prepared to do anything it can to extract itself from the risk.


This is a fear of our body being harmed or changed in a detrimental way. We require our bodies to be in perfect working order to provide us the best possibility of survival. When we are scared of specific animals, spiders or other creatures, their fear originates from the intrinsic fear we all have of mutilation.

Loss of Independence

This is an anxiety about loss of control. This is generally brought on by the feeling that we have no control, either over ourselves, our environment or the circumstances we find ourselves in.


This is the fear of a loss of connection, or total disconnection from an individual or society itself. The fear of not being respected or being overlooked. This fear is normally related to other social anxieties.


This fear is about avoiding any scenarios where we may be ashamed or humiliated. Whenever we begin to disapprove of ourselves, either through low self-worth or lack of confidence, this fear will often be activated.

All of us hold these fears deep within our minds. Someplace deep inside you, they sit and wait to provide help if they’re required.

If you actually feel that your anxiety is troubling you more than it should, perhaps it’s time for you to do something to really get your life back to normal. These fundamental five fears in the list above are there to keep us safe and sound, alive and interacting in a beneficial way towards ourselves, as well as others.

If you are growing to be, or have become an anxious person at unwanted times, perhaps you could benefit from some specialist help. Hypnotherapeutic approaches can be a fantastic help when it comes to dealing with the factors behind unnecessary fear. We will probably all try to solve any inappropriate fears by ourselves first, but on a great number of occasions we simply will not have the ability to resolve them because they are maintained at a subconscious level. This, however, is an area where hypnotherapeutic tactics excel.

Paul Howard, a qualified hypnotherapist from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, based in Surrey, said “Even though we see these fears on a regular basis, most clients don’t actually know what they are and why they have them”.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy is committed to raising awareness to the help that hypnotherapy can bring to sufferers of psychological issues. They have specialists that cover various issues such as anxiety, weight control, insomnia, psoriasis and smoking. They have been in practice since 2002 and have male and female therapists on staff.

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