Stage Fright

Stage Fright

To show how this works I arranged for an actress with severe stage fright to go on stage in a bear costume so nobody in the audience would know who it was. As soon as this happened her stage fright evaporated. This fear of judgement is typical of virtually all forms of social phobia. The …

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Using distraction techniques for anxiety

distraction techniques for anxiety

What are distraction techniques for anxiety? For many people, anxiety is a challenge they have to overcome on a regular basis. When people experience anxiety, it’s common for them to try to distract themselves from their feelings.  Distraction techniques are often used in the process of dealing with anxiety, as they provide relief by helping …

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Anxiety rings, anxiety pens, and even anxiety bracelets

anxiety rings, anxiety bracelets and anxiety pens.

Are these gadgets the answer or the devil? When experiencing anxiety, your body produces stress hormones, i.e., cortisol, the primary hormone, and a chemical known as norepinephrine. These hormones create a fight-or-flight response in your body. These hormones send impulses for certain body acts such as biting your nails, pulling your hair, upward and downward …

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Hidden anxiety

negative self talk

Millions of people are affected by anxiety every year. Many live and cope with their anxiety on their own, suffering quietly. Anxiety is something we all experience at some time in our lives, but for most, it is just a short term experience. Anxiety affects us both physically and psychologically and in its normal form …

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Childhood phobic disorders; should they be sorted out early?

negative self talk

Phobias are an irrational and overwhelming fear of a predicament or object. Phobias are much more distinct than just being slightly concerned about something; it is a severe fear and avoidance of a particular scenario or object that characterises a phobic anxiety. In really serious cases, phobic anxiety can cause isolation, anxiety and panic attacks …

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Our 5 Top Fears


Everyone has some fears. This does not matter where you live, your age, your colour or creed, fear is a component of the human experience, it is part of our make-up. In fact, without having it, our survival chances would be considerably reduced. Fear is designed to keep us safe, it stops us crossing a …

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The Way to Beat Social Anxiety Issues

negative self talk

One of the most common types of anxiety disorders is social anxiety. The best way to beat social anxiety is to remove any vile, negative thought you may hold about yourself and your capabilities and capacities. It can create problems in circumstances that many of us take for granted, like being at the checkout in …

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Residents in Wallington Surrey Find Hypnotherapy Really Effective

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

After launching our hypnotherapy clinic in Wallington, Surrey we were amazed at the number of clients we saw with anxiety and panic attacks, far more than we expected. A lot of our initial clientèle seemed to be anxiety based difficulties, like travelling phobias and challenges going out alone. To start with we wondered if there …

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Are you able to get a strong emotional response?

negative self talk

Isn’t it amazing how we can easily respond to a film or even a piece of music in an emotional way? Not really, because what happens is that we relate it in some way to ourselves. Take the video below, for example. Most people will shed a tear or two, if not blub uncontrollably. It’s about a new bride having the “fathers dance” when her father has just passed away.

The real cost of hypnotherapy: Can you afford not to?

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Whilst hypnotherapy can offer a profound enhancement in the quality of someone’s life, countless people still see it as potentially expensive and worry about the cost of hypnotherapy. While they will probably spend money on other much more expensive pastimes with the aim of making themselves feel emotionally better, such as retail therapy, nights out, …

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Blushing, how hypnotherapy can help

Blushing woman

Blushing denotes shame, self-awareness and self-doubt socially. This tends to impact individuals so powerfully that it inhibits them from having a regular life. It may cause you to steer clear of social contact and hold you back at work if you’re required to talk in front of some people and even speak to other individuals. …

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Anxiety and depression affects nearly one in five UK adults

Nearly one fifth of UK adults experience anxiety or depression, according to the latest official figures from The Office for National Statistics. Office for National Statistics says highest rates of anxiety and depression occur in the 50-54 age groups and highest amongst women. At the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy we have specialists that work …

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Hypnotherapy for Toilet Anxiety

Having anxiety about needing the toilet is surprisingly common. We probably see 2 or 3 new cases a week. What triggers toilet anxiety fear? Although every case is different, they all share similar characteristics. The typical triggers generally involve believing they will need to use the toilet but for some reason, it will be difficult. …

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Hypnotherapy for anxiety helps 79% of subjects

In a recent study of 100 previous anxiety clients we found that overall 74% of clients noticed significant benefits from their course of hypnotherapy treatments. In our analysis of previous hypnotherapy clients, we looked at 100 clients that presented with either social anxiety or agoraphobic type anxiety. The clients were drawn at random over a …

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How Anxiety is Generated, Maintained and Enhanced

Combat Anxiety with Hypnotherapy “Combat anxiety with Hypnotherapy which is scientifically proven to help” Anxiety is something which is extremely common. Feelings of anxiety are much more than general day to day worries or nerves. Anxiousness causes problems in people’s lives, through work, socialising and difficulties in relationships. The difficulties cause further anxiety, and therefore …

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A case study – The effects of bullying on anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety – Agroaphobic eating “Imagine finding it impossible to eat in public, without fear of being sick” The following case study follows a man that found it difficult to eat in public. Something which is in fact very common, but too many of us is a strange experience. It looks at the treatment …

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Criticism can really effect our lives in so many ways

We often blame ourselves but are we really to blame? This sort of conditioning is generally way out of our control. As a child it can come from parents, bullies, teachers or even siblings. Worst of all, if it continues for a substantial period of time, we become used to it.

Spiders and Snakes – who cares? by John Marks

Phobias although fairly simple in terms of anxiety disorders can themselves be underpinned by many different facets and reasons. However what this study shows is that we are not born with them so it has to be conditioning. The great news for those who suffer with phobias is that if it’s conditioning then it can be changed.

Beat the Blues with Hypnotherapy

As a society we start to pick up inappropriate habits right from childhood. Things like using food as a treat or reward. “If you’re a good girl you can have a sweet/biscuit/ice cream” or who remembers a parent saying something like “eat all your dinner and you can have a pudding” or “you must eat all your dinner as there are starving people in Africa”. This is just one area where we are hypnotised in our life into inappropriate beliefs.

“I’m Not Good Enough”

As a hypnotherapist and anxiety specialist for nearly 12 years now, I have come across the belief that “I’m not good enough” so many times that I’m fed up of writing it so in my client notes it’s just INGE syndrome.

I probably see this in 70 – 80% of my clients. The strange thing is most of my clients believe that it is just the way they were born. This is definitely not the case.

GP’s are finding effective ways to cut the NHS bill

The government has announced this week its new mental health strategy for England and promises an extra £400m for therapies, such as counselling, so as to increase access to them by 60% by 2015. This together with the shift of NHS spending to the GP’s might explain why we at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy have been approached by two local GP’s this week to discuss sending their patients to us for effective help with smoking cessation.

Anxiety Loses When Fought With Hypnotherapy

How is anxiety generated, maintained and enhanced. There are ways to combat it that perhaps you haven’t tried. Hypnotherapy is backed by a raft of scientific research and is very effective in the fight to remove anxiety.

Don’t miss the trance to lose your fear

What is Anxiety? How does it develop? Most of us have experienced anxiety at some time in our life but for some of us it becomes a debilitating force that if left untreated can continue to get worse.

Hypnotherapy for claustrophobia may well unlock the confined spaces

negative self talk

It is a common phobia and at its most severe it could devastate your daily life. When considering the various common scenarios that are able to trigger claustrophobia, you begin to discover precisely how small a chance the sufferer has to evade the anxiety. In addition to the avoidance of aeroplanes or possibly lifts, some …

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