Childhood phobic disorders; should they be sorted out early?

Phobias are an irrational and overwhelming fear of a predicament or object. Phobias are much more distinct than just being slightly concerned about something; it is a severe fear and avoidance of a particular scenario or object that characterises a phobic anxiety. In really serious cases, phobic anxiety can cause isolation, anxiety and panic attacks …

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Our 5 Top Fears


Everyone has some fears. This does not matter where you live, your age, your colour or creed, fear is a component of the human experience, it is part of our make-up. In fact, without having it, our survival chances would be considerably reduced. Fear is designed to keep us safe, it stops us crossing a …

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Spiders and Snakes – who cares? by John Marks

Phobias although fairly simple in terms of anxiety disorders can themselves be underpinned by many different facets and reasons. However what this study shows is that we are not born with them so it has to be conditioning. The great news for those who suffer with phobias is that if it’s conditioning then it can be changed.