Beat the Blues with Hypnotherapy

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy has been established for ten years as a treatment centre, using hypnotherapy, to treat many psychological issues. As a society, we start to pick up inappropriate habits right from childhood. Things like using food as a treat or reward. “If you’re a good girl you can have a sweet/biscuit/ice cream” or who remembers a parent saying something like “eat all your dinner and you can have a pudding” or “you must eat all your dinner as there are starving people in Africa”. This is just one area where we are hypnotised in our life into inappropriate beliefs.

During our life we have to deal with many problems and illnesses and at some point we all experience anxiety and stress. This can often by felt more keenly in the winter when it’s dark, cold and miserable.
Hypnotherapy is becoming an ever more popular way of treating such ailments and symptoms. The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy uses a combination of advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to achieve what appear to be stunning results, sometimes in just a few short sessions.

Generally, as a society, we rely on statistics to show us the reliability of something, and this is definitely the case for hypnotherapy. Statistics show that some treatments are over 78% effective, and a specific example of these statistics shows a clear difference for smoking between hypnotherapy and all other forms of intervention. Statistics based on smoking, show that patches are only 6% effective, whereas hypnotherapy had a success rate of over 5 times that, proving that hypnotherapy is indeed a form of treatment that really can help.

Hypnotherapy focuses on the learned behaviour of a person and looks at how we can change such behaviours. Thus making ourselves learn new ways to cope with addictive behaviours, such as smoking, gambling and drinking.

Not only does the treatment help with addictive behaviours but it can also help to treat IBS, weight loss and problems relating to panic attacks and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help with these problems and also enhance self-confidence and self-image allowing the client to feel better, reducing stress and making them feel happier all around.

Paul Howard is an anxiety specialist and has been helping clients with anxiety for over ten years. He has trained many hypnotherapists around the country to treat agoraphobia and social phobia effectively. He works at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Wallington, Surrey, UK. He can be contacted via the website at He is also a Director for The National Council for Hypnotherapy.

For more information call The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy free on 0800 849 7001 or visit their website at or email [email protected]. They have clinics throughout Surrey in the UK.

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