Hypnotherapy helps IBS

hypnotherapy helps ibs

However, the researchers point out that a lot of affected individuals are actually being refused therapy due to prejudice. ‘Sadly many health care professionals are sceptical,’ says Professor Peter Whorwell, who developed the treatment at Manchester University. He said, ‘It works best for individuals who are rather ill and that have not responded to other …

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Hypnotherapy for Toilet Anxiety

Having anxiety about needing the toilet is surprisingly common. We probably see 2 or 3 new cases a week. What triggers toilet anxiety fear? Although every case is different, they all share similar characteristics. The typical triggers generally involve believing they will need to use the toilet but for some reason, it will be difficult. …

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Report on how hypnotherapy helps to remove the symptoms of IBS

“Published research supports hypnotherapy in being valuable in relieving symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome” Hypnotherapy is designed to relax the conscious mind and allow the subconscious to respond to suggestions which are aimed at helping make positive changes. This form of communication aims to enhance, motivate and change perceptions of any difficulties a person is …

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Dealing with IBS – A clients view

The following twelve years involved numerous diet changes, GP appointments and specialist consultations, culminating in internal examinations of my stomach and bowel at hospital.

Surprisingly, throughout my entire period of IBS symptoms I had been a Bus driver. For years I had been unable to access toilet facilities as I was often miles away en-route. This, over the years had made me very anxious and uncomfortable as IBS would prey heavy on my mind.

Beat the Blues with Hypnotherapy

As a society we start to pick up inappropriate habits right from childhood. Things like using food as a treat or reward. “If you’re a good girl you can have a sweet/biscuit/ice cream” or who remembers a parent saying something like “eat all your dinner and you can have a pudding” or “you must eat all your dinner as there are starving people in Africa”. This is just one area where we are hypnotised in our life into inappropriate beliefs.