Poor alcohol regulation will cause 250,000 deaths

by Paul White

Leading liver disease specialists say that urgent measures are needed to prevent a quarter of a million deaths over the next two decades. They say that if nothing is done the deaths will occur from all alcohol-related causes – including cancers and road accidents.  They suggest raising the price of alcohol is critical in the fight against alcohol abuse.

Hypnotherapy blushingHowever, can we really blame the lack of regulation for this problem. Surely the behaviour is set up long before people can afford to buy alcohol. Children are subjected to watching their parents having a great time whilst drinking alcohol, using it to de-stress and even using it to “let off steam”.  Even on social media sites such as Facebook you will often see comments saying things like “I’ve had a hard day/week/month and I can’t wait to get home and open a bottle of wine”.  What message are children to learn when faced with such conditioning?  Will they think that drinking is abhorrent, dangerous or even inadvisable?  Of course not, they will link it with fun, enjoyment and being grown-up.  Many parents are becoming more and more aware of what they do is having a lasting effect on their children.

The big problem for parents is that of course they have been conditioned in the same way by their parents.  So how do they make a change in a behaviour that they have been exhibiting for decades where alcohol has become an integral part of their social life?  And as responsible parents what can we do to reduce the impact on our children?  Of course we already know, it’s obvious, but do we have the will to do it?

For most people the answer is no, because changing behaviour can be incredibly difficult without help.  Hypnotherapy is very effective at changing behaviours, there is a lot of clinical evidence attesting to its efficacy.  By using hypnotherapy we can help people to change long term beliefs and exhibit more appropriate behaviours and what’s more they can actually take up this new behaviour in a natural and enjoyable way.

Responsible behaviour is obviously the ideal objective, where we show our children that we can enjoy the taste without relying on alcohol to relax, let go or enjoy ourselves. If we as parents can achieve that then we will all do our bit to help future generations to achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Paul White is a director at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy based in Harley Street, London and Wallington, Surrey. He specialises in addictive/problem behaviours including alcohol and weight control. He is chairman of the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

2 thoughts on “Poor alcohol regulation will cause 250,000 deaths”

  1. Paul, I would go further when you say of children “they will link it with fun, enjoyment and being grown-up” … they will take it as the norm, routine, part of everyday life. I think for kids and teenagers its gone beyond a rite of passage …. its just something you do because everybody does it. Hypnotherapy is very effective at changing behaviours and reshaping our beliefs so we have a chance to shape future generations. Great article, Andy.


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