Criticism can really effect our lives in so many ways

We often blame ourselves but are we really to blame? This sort of conditioning is generally way out of our control. As a child it can come from parents, bullies, teachers or even siblings. Worst of all, if it continues for a substantial period of time, we become used to it.

Poor alcohol regulation will cause 250,000 deaths

However, can we really blame the lack of regulation for this problem. Surely the behaviour is set up long before people can afford to buy alcohol. Children are subjected to watching their parents having a great time whilst drinking alcohol, using it to de-stress and even using it to “let off steam”.

The Older The Better, A New Career

You most probably have heard all the old clichés about many a good tune played on an old fiddle and experience helps us not to repeat the mistakes of the past, you will be familiar with many more little maxims to help soften the rampant discrimination built into our culture against ‘getting old’.