Dealing with IBS – A clients view

It was the summer of 1998 and I was 35 years of age.

Today I was up early for a day at my local nature reserve to unwind after a rather stressful period involving a disciplinary at work. Little did I know that today was to be the beginning of an unpleasant chapter of my life…one that would last for the next twelve years. I had arrived early and had made my way along the footpath towards the lake as I had done many times before. Today however, I failed to reach the lake as within a few minutes I became the latest victim of what was later to be diagnosed as IBS. With great haste I made my way back to the reception praying that it was now open and that I could access the toilets. Thank goodness, it was open, panic over….at least for now, as at the time I was unaware that this was to be the first incident of years of IBS problems.

The following twelve years involved numerous diet changes, GP appointments and specialist consultations, culminating in internal examinations of my stomach and bowel at hospital.

Surprisingly, throughout my entire period of IBS symptoms I had been a Bus driver. For years I had been unable to access toilet facilities as I was often miles away en-route. This, over the years had made me very anxious and uncomfortable as IBS would prey heavy on my mind.

At weekends I would enjoy long walks in the countryside but rarely without having to hide behind a bush to relieve myself. I felt completely out of control.

Having suffered for so long and failing to find the cause of my symptoms I felt it was now time to approach the problem from a different angle. In October 2010 while browsing various websites I came upon the “IBS Centre (UK)” and was swiftly put in touch with Lyta Humphris from Hypnotherapy Devon. Following a chat over the phone to explain the treatment process, I soon attended my first session. Though I had some doubt as to whether this would be effective, I relaxed and actually enjoyed the experience of hypnotherapy. To my surprise within days of my first session I could once again enjoy a lengthy walk in the countryside at the weekend without the need for a toilet or a bush!! After a couple more sessions with Lyta I found that I was less anxious while working and this has improved week after week until now, six sessions later and five months on, I feel that I have reached my goal. No longer do I fear the lengthy journey or long walk and have more time for others as I am not focused solely on my IBS.

So suffice to say, hypnotherapy is not all “Hocus Pocus” and pocket watches but an effective and safe treatment. As Lyta will tell you, it’s not a “quick fix” as it will take time, but time is something Lyta is very generous with and you certainly will not be disappointed with the time spent with her.

I am so very grateful to Lyta for all her help. With a little effort from yourself, you too could be feeling so much better like myself very soon.

Best of luck

Mr K (Devon)

Lyta has been practising hypnotherapy for 15 years, she is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register with a senior qualification. Her main approach is hypnotherapy, however she also also uses counselling psychotherapy and NLP techniques. One of the primary goals in a hypnotherapy session is to help you understand the problem and treat it. After the session you will leave with a CD to re-enforce what you have done, and a host of skills and resources to use. Hypnotherapy is intended to be relaxing and enjoyable as we work towards your goal. Her sessions are longer than usual because she likes to give you time to talk.

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