Psoriasis linked to stroke risk

In the news today is a scientist from Denmark once again jumping on the sensationalist bandwagon.

BBC news states:-
People with psoriasis have nearly three times the normal risk of stroke and abnormal heart rhythm, according to scientists in Denmark.

A study of 4.5 million people, published in the European Heart Journal, showed the highest risk was in young patients with severe psoriasis.

Researchers believe this may be because the skin and blood vessels may share similar sources of inflammation.

So what they are really saying is that is you have severe psoriasis there is an increased risk. Well thats really going to help the stress levels for someone with Psoriasis. In my work using hypnotherapy for psoriasis the main bulk of what I have to do is to de-stress the client. This sort of sensationalism about psoriasis does not help that work.

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