Weight loss hypnotherapy – Top 3 motivators for long term success

Report: Woman ‘overhaul’ their bodies five times a year and men twice a year.
woman eating saladAccording to a report about weight loss hypnotherapy released today, in the Daily Mail, 60 per cent of women slim down before summer holidays, the wedding season and other important events to get their desired body.

A third of women say breaking up with a partner motivates them to get in shape. However, the survey shows men overhaul their bodies just twice a year, usually by increasing their exercise levels.

Holidays, weddings and special occasions are events to look forward to, unless you are feeling fat, flabby or out of condition. That’s why so many women try to transform themselves by losing weight and exercising, typically five times a year, a survey has revealed.

The ‘body overhaul’ usually entails working out at the gym and eating more healthily to shed those extra pounds.

Being ‘beach ready’ for a holiday in the sun was shown as being the top reason to start a new diet or workout regime with 60% wanting to shape up to don a bikini on the beach.

Just behind losing weight for a holiday is going to a wedding, dubbed trying to achieve the ‘bridesmaid body’, as they want to look good in photos of the big day.

According to the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, all these motivations are very short term weight loss goals, so what happens afterwards? In general, people simply return to their old behaviours which just leads to them regaining their previous weight and then going on to put on even more. This is the classic Yo-Yo diet model. This is something that our weight loss hypnotherapy programme aims to avoid.

What is needed is to change behaviours around food, and to do that they need long-term motivational goals. The 3 or 4 week crash diet for an event is simply too short a time for new behaviours to bed in.

Weight loss hypnotherapy – Top 3 long-term motivators

    1. Health – Often because of a health scare about themselves or a loved one, clients can become very motivated to lose weight.
    2. Relationship breakdown – A split from a partner can kick-start a strong weight loss campaign as they suddenly realise that they are back in the market place again.
    3. Age – As people hit their 40’s and things start to ‘break’ and slow down, so it can focus their mind on health.

Most people simply go on a diet to achieve weight loss, when what they really need to achieve long-term weight loss is a new outlook on food.

A diet generally consists of counting calories, avoiding food types, eating smaller portions or some kind of food substitution like shakes or drinks. All of these various things simply put even more focus on food.

Whereas by using hypnotherapy for weight loss, we can help clients to change their behaviours towards food by suggesting new behavioural patterns to their subconscious. For example, we might suggest to their subconscious that the desire for sugary food, yes even chocolate, should be turned down or turned off completely. For most people this one simple change could turn around their behaviours and their weight gain.

Paul White, weight loss hypnotherapy specialist at the Surrey Institute, said “Motivation is the key aspect behind long lasting weight loss.  The ‘beach body’ is too short-term a goal. Especially as it is all too common for people to report that they put back on all they lost and more whilst actually on holiday, which means they lose all the advances they have made in just a couple of weeks. This is very de-motivating and does not bode well for the coming months.”

“Contrast that with a recent client who has been on our weight loss hypnotherapy programme for a few weeks, said ‘Back from holiday, first thing I did was jump on the scales (and no they didn’t break!!) Surprisingly lost 2lb, not sure how, but I’m not complaining!!’ This sort of statement is not unusual when clients use our hypnotherapy for weight loss programme, because the change is in their thought processes and mental responses and this causes changes in their behaviours.”

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