Huge 10-Year Study Links Diet Drinks To Stroke and Heart Attacks

diet drinks

Dangers of Drinking Diet Drinks The study, headed up by Dr. Ankur Vyas, was one of the most comprehensive of its type with nearly 60,000 postmenopausal women participating over nine years. Known as the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study, the research found that participants who drank two or more cans of diet soda a day …

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Don’t exercise, if you want to lose weight!

Three studies that will change your thoughts about diet and exercise, and you’ll love the third… We all know that the best way to ward off unwanted weight is through diet and exercise. But, according to new research from Arizona State University, burning more calories than you eat may not result in changes on the …

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Hypnotherapy to lose weight

Lots of people are turning to hypnotherapy to lose weight because it can tackle a variety of problems, as opposed to conventional approaches. Excessive weight and overeating are now widespread and are causing massive problems for the individual and society in general. There is a plethora of diets on the market, each offering miracle cures …

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Exercise has no connection with weight loss

Physical activity has little role in tackling obesity – and instead, public health messages should squarely focus on unhealthy eating, doctors say. In an editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, three international experts said it was time to “bust the myth” about exercise. They said, “While activity was a key part of staving …

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Can Paul McKenna’s new £5 app help you to lose weight?

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Paul McKenna claims that his Hypnotic Gastric Band app is a ‘surgery-free weight-loss solution’ that ‘can help convince the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted, so the body behaves as though a band is physically present.’. However, top surgeons have warned that, in their …

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Hypnotic Gastric Band Proves Its Worth

hypnotic gastric band

A hypnotic gastric band is a cutting edge therapeutic intervention , aimed at combating overeating issues by making use of advanced hypnotherapy techniques. By utilising a technique that places the gastric band, in a virtual way through a hypnotherapeutic approach, expensive traditional surgery can be avoided plus the serious risks that go with it and …

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Can Make Life Considerably Easier

weight loss hypnotherapy

Millions of people worldwide battle with their weight on a daily basis by trying the latest fad diet. For each and every new dietary fad, there are many followers all ready to spend their hard earned cash on diet substances, nutritional supplements and other things required to help them get the shape the results promised. …

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Residents in Wallington Surrey Find Hypnotherapy Really Effective

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

After launching our hypnotherapy clinic in Wallington, Surrey we were amazed at the number of clients we saw with anxiety and panic attacks, far more than we expected. A lot of our initial clientèle seemed to be anxiety based difficulties, like travelling phobias and challenges going out alone. To start with we wondered if there …

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Ring in the changes this year

Given that the festive season is now out of the way, many of us will turn to our health and look for strategies to make it better. Over the festive season it is fairly common to overindulge, both on food and drink, and not just on Christmas day. The Christmas events and New Year’s festivities …

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Are you able to get a strong emotional response?

Isn’t it amazing how we can easily respond to a film or even a piece of music in an emotional way? Not really, because what happens is that we relate it in some way to ourselves. Take the video below, for example. Most people will shed a tear or two, if not blub uncontrollably. It’s about a new bride having the “fathers dance” when her father has just passed away.

Gastric band hypnosis stops the desire for big portions

hypnotic gastric band

Reducing weight can sometimes be a complex process. Emotions and food can become very tightly linked for many individuals, which might make sticking with a diet challenging and disheartening. These problems can then make people try extreme methods to help them get slimmer. The widely used ‘gastric band’ surgical treatment has received plenty of coverage …

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How a hypnotic approach allows you to steer clear of snacking

Steer clear of the snacks A mischievous snack every now and then is not a problem in itself, yet for many individuals this eating snacks can develop into a regular way of dealing with difficult emotions. If you then add on the issues brought on by highly addictive substances contained in foods like cakes, chocolate …

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The real cost of hypnotherapy: Can you afford not to?

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Whilst hypnotherapy can offer a profound enhancement in the quality of someone’s life, countless people still see it as potentially expensive and worry about the cost of hypnotherapy. While they will probably spend money on other much more expensive pastimes with the aim of making themselves feel emotionally better, such as retail therapy, nights out, …

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Forget the diets, change the behaviours

If you are thinking of going on a diet programme, perhaps you are deciding which one to choose, 5:2, Dukan, Low GI, Low GL or calorie counting. Part of the decision process is trying to work out which is the best one for losing weight. Basically, you have to ignore the term diet and just …

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Gastric band hypnosis takes a weight off your mind and body

Obesity has reached worldwide epidemic proportions. With delicious treats lining the supermarket shelves and every other advert on TV seductively parading fast food, is it any wonder so many of us are the not so proud owners of at least one muffin top? Medical professionals are referring more and more people to have gastric band …

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Life-Changing Weight Loss through Hypnotherapy

Although the health and fitness industry boasts a whole range of ‘quick fixes’ and ‘easy to follow’ plans and regimes for weight loss, the truth is that for many people losing weight is by no means an easy feat. There is a range of complex psychological reasons why some of us find it almost impossible …

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‘Diet’ drinks can cause diabetes research finds

Even though we are in the middle of summer, the craze to lose weight is just as intensive for many men and women. The shops and supermarkets are full of ‘diet’ and ‘energy’ drinks, and scientists are warning that their association with type 2 diabetes is a reason for concern. The Surrey Institute of Clinical …

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Stay clear of the BBQ this summer if you want to lose weight

If you are using hypnotherapy to lose weight, or just on a diet, steer clear of the BBQs this summer, as a recent study shows that you could be consuming as much as 3000 calories. A recent research study, conducted by Boots, found that the typical BBQ meal would include: two sausages, one-and-a-half burgers, two …

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The easiest way to lose weight is to stand up

This has to be just about the easiest way to lose weight that we have ever seen, but it actually makes a lot of sense and it helps you to stay healthy and live longer as well. Sitting down reading a book, at your desk working, watching TV or doing anything that involves sitting for …

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Lose weight with hypnotherapy as being fat is now a disease

At the annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) last week they voted to classify obesity as a disease. Even though a committee of their own experts thought it should not be classified as a disease, the association’s delegates still voted to support the change. If the UK did the same, over 20 million …

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Cutlery can affect how the food tastes

The taste of our food is affected by the weight, size, shape, and even the colour of the cutlery we use to eat it. Our perception of how food tastes is influenced by cutlery, new research published in the Flavour Journal suggests. The flavour can be affected by the size, weight, shape and colour of …

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Gastric band hypnosis is it a magic pill?

Gastric band hypnosis is the latest magic pill to sweep through the hypnotherapy industry. People come for hypnotherapy for weight loss expecting a magic pill and, although it has some apparently magical properties, it certainly isn’t a magic pill. Clients seek out hypnotherapy for many different reasons, but for those wanting to lose weight it …

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Hypnotherapy to lose weight – Is it too good to be true?

Since we released the video of how Rebecca used hypnotherapy to lose weight just over a week ago, we have had lots of feedback asking us if this was possible and how she really felt during those eight months that she lost the weight. Rebecca said “I just didn’t feel like eating the food that I …

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Weight loss hypnotherapy – Top 3 motivators for long term success

Report: Woman ‘overhaul’ their bodies five times a year and men twice a year. According to a report about weight loss hypnotherapy released today, in the Daily Mail, 60 per cent of women slim down before summer holidays, the wedding season and other important events to get their desired body. A third of women say …

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Report: Why do diets fail or at least appear to?

We have seen thousands of clients over the years on our weight loss hypnotherapy programme and the overwhelming fact is that for virtually every client this is not their first attempt at losing weight. Most clients will report having tried a myriad of diets, all of which, according to the clients, have failed. Or have …

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Report: Pressures of the workplace can contribute towards obesity

The workplace is one of the key areas where we see our hypnotherapy for weight loss client’s new healthy behaviours put under pressure. Things like cakes on birthdays, drinks after work, colleagues bringing in their bakery efforts and often vending machines offering sugary sweets are just a few of the workplace ‘treats’ that are usually …

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Achieve Great Health and Fitness with this Amazing Weight Loss Method

“Join Celebrities like Boy George and Beyonce in achieving your health and fitness goal today!” Lead singer and songwriter of Culture Club, Boy George, has recently been in the spotlight due to his dramatic weight-loss. Boy George, 51, shocked the world with pictures he posted on twitter of his new slimmer self, looking fitter and …

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Weight loss not just for celebrities.

There are many reasons people turn to alternative forms of therapy, as opposed to conventional medicine. Hypnotherapy is fast becoming a popular form of treatment for minor ailments, addictions, helping to lose weight or alleviate depression and other conditions. Hypnotherapy has been a controversial subject for some time, but is now seen as being incredibly …

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Lifestyle Changes Key to Dropping the Pounds in 2013

Losing weight in 2013 is a common New Year’s resolution, but experts say that few of them take the necessary steps to accomplish their goal.
But research shows that following a few rules can you change your lifestyle and lose weight:

People who don’t eat get hungry

I must admit that the above headline may seem a little glib. However, I was so shocked and amazed by the revelations of the BBC’s Health News site, “Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat” that to coin a phrase, unfortunately this wasn’t exactly food for thought and, surprise surprise, it wasn’t exactly …

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Over a third of cancers are due to lifestyle

Nearly half of cancers (over 130,000) diagnosed in the UK each year are caused by avoidable life choices including smoking, drinking and diet, research reveals. Smoking is the biggest culprit, causing 23% of cases in men and 15.6% in women, says the Cancer Research UK report. This is followed in men by a lack of …

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It’s Official – Dieting Makes you Fat

Research shows dieting affects the way your brain works and hormone changes encourage you to eat and store even more fat. It shows that in most cases dieters put on more weight than they lose. There is a huge amount of scientific evidence that points to a demoralising fact for the 25 per cent of …

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Fizzy drinks subtract life

What damage does fizzy soft drinks cause? Looking at the latest research quite a lot. A study by UK and US researchers claims that drinking too many sugary beverages appears to raise the risk of high blood pressure.

Offer support but stay out of the way

It would seem that it does not matter if you’re the Prime Minister, or simply trying to lose weight or even stop smoking, the best support comes from those who offer practical help without making a fuss, it was reported by the Daily Mail with regard to a recent study in the U.S. journal Psychological Science.

UK men and women are fatter than ever.By Paul Howard

Both UK men and women are in Europe’s fattest top ten.

The fact is that there is a direct correlation between our weight increase and the increase in sugars that we eat. It is said that in the UK we eat on average 2 pounds of sugar every week. It is not all sugars that are the problem…..

Ambulances are set to get bigger!By Paul Howard

Ambulances are the latest vehicles to face up to one inarguable fact – as a nation, we are getting bigger and that poses a huge design headache.

Nowadays warnings about rising obesity levels are in almost every headline – as a result of which, ironically, the advice suggests we need to be moving more and eating less. Surprise surprise! The point is that the vast majority of people who are overweight already know that. The problem is how do they achieve that.

The Surrey Institute tackles the obesity problem from a different angle.

GP’s are finding effective ways to cut the NHS bill

The government has announced this week its new mental health strategy for England and promises an extra £400m for therapies, such as counselling, so as to increase access to them by 60% by 2015. This together with the shift of NHS spending to the GP’s might explain why we at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy have been approached by two local GP’s this week to discuss sending their patients to us for effective help with smoking cessation.