Gastric band hypnosis is it a magic pill?

Gastric band hypnosis is the latest magic pill to sweep through the hypnotherapy industry.

gastric band hypnosis

People come for hypnotherapy for weight loss expecting a magic pill and, although it has some apparently magical properties, it certainly isn’t a magic pill.

Clients seek out hypnotherapy for many different reasons, but for those wanting to lose weight it is generally because they have tried everything else.

But there is a particular problem for those seeking gastric band hypnosis. They believe that it will be ‘easy’, i.e. that they will have to make no effort and the weight will fall off. Well, that is far from the truth, and hypnotherapists across the globe are being unethical if they allow clients to come for gastric band hypnosis believing that is the case.

Furthermore, many hypnotherapists are offering their ‘gastric band hypnosis’ programmes to everyone that wants to lose weight. Once again, this is just inappropriate. To achieve long lasting weight loss you need to change behaviours in the clients. Short term weight loss is easy to achieve, but the real magical quality that hypnotherapy brings to the table is its ability to help clients change those behaviours for the long term. Gastric band hypnosis is just a gimmick that clients, that have lost their motivation, cling to.

In reality gastric band hypnosis can be a useful tool in helping clients to think about, and reduce, their portion sizes. In other words it helps clients to focus on just how much food they are putting into their bodies. It takes just 15 minutes to install during a weight loss session and certainly does not take 4 hour-long sessions to install.

With a physical gastric band, patients have to have a liquid diet for a few weeks, then a puréed diet, followed by very small bits of solid food, and all the time not having any fizzy drinks at all. This all sounds like a great diet plan to me and a massive change in behaviours.

New diet plan, ‘The VGB diet’

At the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy we have just developed a new diet that we are sure will help clients lose weight very quickly. It takes virtually no effort and you can eat what you like, provided you stick to a few rules.

Here they are:

  1. For the first 3 weeks you must only have a liquid diet.
  2. From week 4 to 6 you have a puréed diet only.
  3. From week 7 to 10 you can only eat very small portions.
  4. During the entire 10 week duration you must not drink any sugary drinks like cola or fruit juices.

The above diet is what you follow when you have an actual gastric band fitted, so why not just do the diet and leave out the surgery? Just see how much weight you lose and, if we add a few sessions of hypnotherapy in there, I am pretty sure you will come out after 10 weeks a lot lighter with new behaviours that are much more appropriate and will last a lot longer than gastric band hypnotherapy.

Oh, and what does the VGB diet stand for? Why, the Virtual Gastric Band diet, of course!

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