Advanced hypnotherapy training

Advanced hypnotherapy training
Advanced hypnotherapy training

As March or September approaches we start to get enquiries about our training courses. We are often asked if we teach advanced hypnotherapy training. In an effort to answer that, I would like to tell you what we do and further down I will tackle that question.

How our hypnotherapy training is different

At the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training, we have a very different approach to our advanced hypnotherapy training, both in the type of courses we run and also the way we train would-be hypnotherapists. We like to think that we offer some of the best hypnotherapy training available in the UK.

The type of course differs because we run intensive courses that are completed within 2 months, as well as the usual weekend courses where you do one weekend a month for ten months. The content for the courses are exactly the same but some people want to complete their hypnotherapy training in a shorter time frame. For instance, those who perhaps have been made redundant or want a complete change of direction in their career. For these people the intensive course works better.

When it comes to the course itself, it contains some very different aspects to most other hypnotherapy training courses in the marketplace.

Firstly, we have made our hypnotherapy training very practical in nature. Our belief is that hypnotherapy is a very practical business and the training should reflect that. We do not believe in “our way or the highway” sort of approach. We offer possible approaches and welcome student input, observations and debate with regards to the approach and how it could be improved. This way we all grow and our therapy improves all the time.

The practical approach has proved very popular with our previous students as when they leave as qualified hypnotherapists, they feel that they are well equipped to tackle the issues and problems that clients will present with.

During the course we work by using case studies based on previous clients to ensure that the students are able to develop a treatment plan that will be beneficial to the clients. This benefits the students as well as the clients as when you have a stream of satisfied and happy clients, they recommend others back to the hypnotherapist that helped them.

Advanced hypnotherapy training – What is it?

This is a very difficult question to answer. The reason is I have yet to find anyone who can tell me definitively what advanced hypnotherapy training consists of.

Advanced hypnotherapy training

Some people have said that it is analytical hypnotherapy. Well, that does not make much sense as analytical hypnotherapy training is about teaching the student how to regress (taking someone back in time) the client back to a traumatic event that somehow shaped their behaviour, and dealing with the trauma more appropriately. But this is really how hypnotherapy started, so that would seem to me to be more traditional hypnotherapy.

Others have said that advanced hypnotherapy must include neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Well again, I fail to see how this is advanced hypnotherapy training as NLP is covered by NLP training.

It does not stop there. I have been reliably informed that advanced hypnotherapy training is so many things, including but not limited to, paediatric training, high blood pressure, parts therapy, time-line therapy, EFT / TFT, TIR and many more.

By the way, all of the above are covered in our hypnotherapy training course and we believe a lot more.

It seems to me that advanced hypnotherapy training is just a label that schools put on their particular brand of hypnotherapy training. To my mind, the object of any hypnotherapy training course should be to equip the new hypnotherapists with the skills and tools they need to help people make the changes to their lives that they need to make to improve their quality of life.

The advanced hypnotherapy training happens after you qualify. It happens in the first five years of your practice. It is when you hone your skills through experience with your clients.

So when it comes down to it, advanced hypnotherapy training cannot be taught, it can only be learnt through experience. My advice is to get the best training you can find that is practical and includes some marketing help because you’re probably going to need it.

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