Gastric band hypnosis takes a weight off your mind and body

gastric band hypnosisObesity has reached worldwide epidemic proportions. With delicious treats lining the supermarket shelves and every other advert on TV seductively parading fast food, is it any wonder so many of us are the not so proud owners of at least one muffin top?

Medical professionals are referring more and more people to have gastric band surgery as the ‘final option’ after failed diets and slimming programmes.

The main reason for this being that the surgery simply costs the health service less money in the long run than the conditions associated with long term obesity.

Having a gastric band fitted is certainly no easy option. The surgery carries a long list of possible complications and even a risk of death. As well as this, the result of weight loss after the surgery is not guaranteed.

Some statistics show that there is actually a higher success rate for long term weight loss with gastric band hypnosis than there is with gastric band surgery.

Most of us would not opt for the pain, discomfort and risk of any surgery if there was a safer alternative.

Gastric band hypnosis could be the safer alternative for you. With no scalpels in sight, gastric band hypnosis offers a safe, surgery free option for those in need of weight loss help.

Gastric band hypnotherapy, combined with a good weight control programme, can help you shed the pounds.

The idea is that it will make you experience a satisfied full feeling way before that achy, uncomfortable feeling of a packed, over stuffed stomach.

If you find yourself eating at meal times until you feel ill, there are probably underlying emotional causes that you haven’t identified. The best weight loss programmes actually deal with the deep issues in your psyche that cause you to overeat.

There are many extreme diet plans out there that will indeed cause you to lose weight in the short term. There is a reason these diets are labelled as ‘fad diets’.

Quite simply they do not deal with the reasons you are actually eating too much. This is the reason so many people who try these diets experience short term success, but long term failure.

Experts state that for long term weight loss the goal should not actually be shedding the pounds, it should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

It needn’t be a long drawn out affair either. Some types of gastric band hypnotherapy are separated into lots of expensive, unnecessary sessions, taking you through every single stage of the surgical process. It needn’t be this way.  The focus on the gastric band hypnotherapy is only one section of the course in some successful programmes.

This means that all areas of your eating issues can be addressed through various avenues. So the programme approaches your overeating from all angles, leaving you better equipped for success.

More and more people every day are opting out of surgery for weight loss, choosing instead to empower their mind with gastric band hypnosis.

If you would like to find out how we use gastric band hypnotherapy as just part of our hypnotherapy for weight loss programme, click on the link.

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