Life-Changing Weight Loss through Hypnotherapy

weight loss storyAlthough the health and fitness industry boasts a whole range of ‘quick fixes’ and ‘easy to follow’ plans and regimes for weight loss, the truth is that for many people losing weight is by no means an easy feat. There is a range of complex psychological reasons why some of us find it almost impossible to manage a healthy weight, and those who do find a way of losing weight in the short term often find that over time the weight piles back on again.

The mind is an often overlooked element of successful, long-term weight loss, yet through hypnotherapy, the mind – which ultimately controls how we think and therefore everything we do – can be ‘reprogrammed’, helping us to develop more healthy eating patterns and attitudes towards food.

Becky’s Story

Like any form of treatment, hypnotherapy works slightly differently for each person, and for some people, it won’t be the best course of action for them. But for people like Becky, hypnotherapy can provide life-changing weight loss results.

Before turning to hypnotherapy, Becky had tried all kinds of methods to lose weight, yet none of them had worked for her. She found that she was lacking the necessary willpower to stick to the diets she was trying and realised she was in need of some help.

Becky’s initial aim was to achieve a weight of 10 stone, from her starting point of over 14 stone. However, she exceeded her own expectations and went on to lose 5 stone! After 16 months, Becky is still the same weight, and puts her weight loss success down to the help of hypnotherapy for weight loss:

“Many people think hypnotherapy is a quick fix to losing weight, but for me it was about totally changing my behaviours,” she says. “I knew when I had finished I would never go back to the lifestyle I’d had before.”

How Hypnotherapy Helps

When most people plan to lose weight, they focus solely on diet and fitness. Yet without a proper foundation – the right mindset – their efforts can seem like a painstaking uphill struggle.

Hypnotherapy helped Becky lose 5 stone by:

  • Changing her deep-rooted eating habits.
  • Stopping the overwhelming cravings she’d experienced in the past.
  • Helping her start to enjoy healthy food.
  • Focusing her mind on making dietary plans for the future.

Sometimes we can consciously become aware of the driving force behind our unhealthy eating patterns, yet other times the roots of the problem run deep, and this is where hypnotherapy comes in. By accessing and re-wiring the unconscious mind, a hypnotherapist can help you create long-term, life-improving changes in how you think and feel about food. This will not only help you lose weight, but also the emotional pain and discomfort you may have experienced for many years.

“When the weight started to drop off me it started to lift my mood,” says Becky, “and as it did I started to feel more confident and comfortable within myself.”

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