How a hypnotic approach allows you to steer clear of snacking

Steer clear of the snacks

snacksA mischievous snack every now and then is not a problem in itself, yet for many individuals this eating snacks can develop into a regular way of dealing with difficult emotions. If you then add on the issues brought on by highly addictive substances contained in foods like cakes, chocolate and crisps, you may find yourself in a vicious cycle of emotionally and physically driven binge eating.

Some people use snacks as a means of ‘rewarding’ themselves for accomplishing something. A lot of people celebrate accomplishments in this way, and when done in moderation it is not a cause for concern. However, if this practice becomes a frequent or daily occurrence, it can then become very difficult to control unwanted weight.

Some other less conscious factors, like monotony or tiredness, can also lead to uncontrolled snacking. For example, a Swedish study has concluded that after a poor night’s sleep we become more likely to buy snack food items that will be loaded with calories. This is because increased levels of ‘hunger hormones’ are released in the body after disrupted sleep.

Why your will power might be failing you

A strict diet is normally the initial thing people think of when they want to shed unwanted weight. However, because the root cause of their eating behaviour remains hidden and un-dealt with, quite a few find it extremely difficult to stick to their eating plan for any period of time.

While you might really wish to beat your obsession with snacks, achieving this goal may feel nearly impossible. Failing in your efforts may end up causing you to feel miserable or hopeless, which can then prompt you back to harmful eating activities all over again.

How a hypnotic approach can help

Because hypnotherapy works together with the subconscious mind, it will probably resolve the core obstacle that is causing your eating patterns. Your eating behaviours may have commenced as a reaction to something encountered in your childhood years, or maybe sleep deficiency could be the driving force. Regardless of what the underlying reason is, a hypnotherapist can certainly help.

Instead of working with the conscious mind, i.e. your will power, a hypnotherapist can use techniques to change your brain with new ideas concerning food and snacking.

Paul Howard, an expert hypnotherapist, plus a weight reduction professional, from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy located in Surrey, stated “Patterns of eating behaviour that have been established over many years can become habitual, we usually treat the eating issue as a behavioural change. However, if we are able to identify other underlying issues, we are also able to deal with them very quickly and effectively.”

Hypnosis has helped a lot of people to not only lose unwanted weight, but to keep it off too. By making use of the power of positive suggestion whilst the client is in a conscious, yet deep state of relaxation, the hypnotherapist can place new ideas to replace the old, habitual snacking ‘programming’ which has developed throughout their life. In quite a few cases, customers don’t feel the same need to snack after the hypnotic session, thus making it much easier and more pleasurable to stick to a new eating plan.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy is committed to raising awareness to the help that hypnotherapy can bring to sufferers of psychological issues. They have specialists that cover various issues such as anxiety, weight control, insomnia, psoriasis and smoking. They have been in practice since 2002 and have male and female therapists on staff.

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