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Soldier_with_AKMFor countless people, stress is a part of life, and many of us have experienced it at some point. Dependent upon the circumstances, the intensity of the stress and tension felt by each individual, may differ. Typically, the after effects of specific distressing events can become overwhelming and hard to cope with. These overwhelming incidents can then be re-activated by day to day situations, leading to problems with everyday routine. If the affect on day to day living becomes serious, this can lead to a diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

PTSD can be brought on by being involved in any traumatic event – such as a tsunami, the London bombings, a car accident, or being attacked. Memories of distressing occurrences can adversely affect people, specifically those serving in the military. Frightening and shocking situations can bring about various long lasting symptoms which subsequently have a damaging impact on everyday living.

Certain situations can trigger the memory of the trauma, generally known as ‘flashbacks’, and these memories will bring back all the feelings of fear, anxiety and panic of the original event. PTSD can typically be accompanied by fatigue due to sleep problems and this makes it hard for the person to concentrate, which in itself leads to problems in the office and in the home. Psychological symptoms can also develop into depressive disorders and anxiety. There are also physical issues to consider, such as chest pains, sweating and headaches.

For medical practitioners, the first line of treatment typically includes medication to take care of the anxiety and depression symptoms. This is normally enough to stabilise the sufferer, but long term success is most often achieved when the underlying inner thoughts and triggers are resolved. Hypnotherapy techniques can therefore be a great tool for long term treatment. Treatment will be provided in a very peaceful environment which boosts the experience.

The feelings of anxiety and panic experienced during ‘flashbacks’ can be turned down, if not totally removed, helping to move the person to a more rational answer to any triggers. People are frequently surprised how comfortable and relaxing the state of hypnosis is, and this can further help to lower emotional stress levels so the PTSD sufferer can cope better in day to day life. As soon as the person is in a hypnotic approach, the hypnotherapist is able to work with their subconscious mind, with the aim of soothing the distressing signs of PTSD.

Most of the time, the first session is a chance for the hypnotherapist to learn how the individual is being affected, and the kinds of situations which might trigger ‘flashbacks’. After they have all the information, they are likely to then agree a treatment plan with the individual, as well as reviewing the client’s progress very carefully.

The aim of hypnotherapy processes would be to get rid of stress and the associated problems it is causing and, furthermore, to enhance feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. The focus should be to alter the brain’s thought processes so that the resulting behaviour is better suitable for their lifestyle. Normally, hypnotherapy strategies are a brief, solution focused hypnotherapeutic approach, so the person should begin to notice advancements within a few sessions. It can also help restore any related problems that may have been caused at the office or in the home, because of the PTSD.

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