A hypnotic approach for losing weight, the worry is, does hypnotherapy work?

Sunday-lunch-smallJust about everyone has needed, or planned to, shed unwanted weight in the course of their lives.

Let us be honest, modern day society as a whole is getting heavier and fairly quickly. Putting on the weight is almost a fact of life, but losing weight and keeping it off is not easy.

People are subjected to fast food ads on the television, on the radio and social media marketing. And since we’re all getting busier, we’re also getting more and more reliant on quick, flavourful convenience food. As a consequence our resolve needs to be incredibly robust to steer clear of all of this temptation.

There is a wealth of quick fix solutions to losing weight to choose from, and in some cases surgical procedures are a solution for a few people. Losing weight can’t be effectively managed utilising gastric band surgery, magic pill diets or self-control, irrespective of how formidable they are. Comfort eating as a ‘reward’ is definitely a deep seated problem for many people.

If you find yourself grazing in the kitchen throughout the evening, maybe you have a deep seated issue which causes this. These behavioural patterns can be deeply ingrained in our subconscious and are generally quite difficult to eliminate without help. Hypnotherapy can help to stop these behaviours and help you in losing weight long-term.

There are many scientific studies showing that weight loss with hypnotherapy works better than weight loss attempts without it. Most significantly, a lot of these results were still effective many years following the research. You can find many research projects that show that hypnosis for weight loss is far superior to ordinary dieting strategies.

Hypnotherapy has a stigma associated with it. The word hypnosis summons up visions of creepy middle aged men whispering the word ‘sleep’ and old stage hypnotists asking ‘volunteers’ onto a cheap dusty stage. This preconception explains why it doesn’t matter how much we read or see about the hypnotic approach, a little something tells us it can’t be genuine, it must be a trick.

Most people only use a hypnotic approach if they have discovered the benefits for themselves, or have been told by a good friend or family member of the remarkable outcomes they achieved.

The majority of us are watching our spending at the moment. Funds are limited and we’re cautious about splashing out on anything other than the essentials.

Short term weight reduction solutions can be cheaper, but permanent ways of losing weight, like hypnotherapy, are cost effective because they allow you to change for good. We shouldn’t overlook the use of hypnotherapy simply because of a stigma that is spread because of bad facts.

Self-control (or lack of it) is a commonly used phrase in the weight control marketplace. However, self-control may not be relevant at all. You may be strong willed but have unfavourable patterns of behaviour set-up in the subconscious and these will probably go on to cause a problem until they are sorted out.

Paul Howard, from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a seasoned hypnotherapist, said “Generally there is a wide range of underlying factors pertaining to losing weight. A hypnotherapist is extremely valuable in changing the behaviours of people that have been suffering from being overweight for years. For the majority, weight gain is created over a long period of time. All you need are a few inappropriate behaviours which, in time, will add up to big weight problems. By consuming just one piece of cake each and every day, may add up to a weight gain of nearly 4 stone each year. Which means, by merely transforming this one behaviour, could very well stop the weight gain in its tracks.”

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