Hypnotherapy to lose weight

Lots of people are turning to hypnotherapy to lose weight because it can tackle a variety of problems, as opposed to conventional approaches. Excessive weight and overeating are now widespread and are causing massive problems for the individual and society in general.

There is a plethora of diets on the market, each offering miracle cures for weight loss and reducing your intake of food. There are always lots of claims without much substance.

Our hypnotherapy to lose weight system will consider the many different elements that might contribute to unnecessary eating and obesity. Things like the learned behaviours that we acquired whilst growing.

We would also address things like:-

  • Patterns of eating
  • Food cravings
  • Quality of the diet
  • Portion control
  • Dietary habits
  • Understanding how to eat properly

Most people that come to use hypnotherapy to lose weight have tried many other weight reduction techniques without success.

Our hypnotherapy to lose weight approach looks to make changes within the subconscious mind, where we can make a significant difference to the way you relate to food and your desire to eat.

hypnotherapy to lose weight

Hypnotherapy tends to focus on behavioural change instead of what is allowed or not allowed. Most diets, if not all, tend NOT to consider many of these essential aspects that all have to be addressed for weight management to be productive and maintained successfully.

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What diets don’t generally tell you is that the body reduces metabolism, so you need even fewer calories in order to maintain weight loss, this suppression can last from anything up to 6 years and the hormones that change within the body as a result of dieting make it increasingly difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

Hypnotherapy to lose weight for success

Hypnotherapy is successful in taking care of those who are obese or overweight as it understands the person on many levels and gains an understanding of the relationship their mind has with food. Using hypnotherapeutic treatments a person’s mindset towards food can be changed. In some cases, the hypnotherapist will help the customer overcome any problems with powerful yearnings and motivation as the programme progresses making it easier to remain on course and succeed. To sum up making use of hypnotherapy specialist techniques can tackle the problems connected with dieting as well as keeping the motivation high and helping to change the habits around food.

Paul Howard from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy based in Surrey explained why in their view hypnotherapy is extremely effective in alleviating inappropriate behaviours and thoughts around food, “The facts are that you have been hypnotised all your life to eat certain foods for pleasure. Things like chocolate are often given as a treat or reward for good behaviour. This creates an association between chocolate and pleasure i.e. a learnt behaviour or conditioned response. So our job is to de-hypnotise you so you can view these foods for what they are! Just food that happens to taste nice.”

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