Ambulances are set to get bigger!By Paul Howard

wide-load ambulance

Ambulances are the latest vehicles to face up to one inarguable fact – as a nation, we are getting fatter and that creates a problem in many areas.

Nowadays, warnings about rising obesity levels are in almost every headline – as a result of which, ironically, the advice suggests we need to be moving more and eating less.  Surprise surprise!  The point is that the vast majority of people who are overweight already know that.  The problem is how they achieve that.

Every day we hear “experts” proclaiming the dangers of increased health risks including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, but there does not seem to be any foolproof way of doing it. Yet some people seem to have no problem with their eating and consequently their weight.

When you look at people who are able to control their weight what do you find?  Do they enjoy food less?  No. Do they crave chocolate, cakes, crisps and sweets?  Yes.  So what is it?

It’s all about behaviour.  Their behaviour to food is different.  They seem to enjoy it but that enjoyment gets switched off earlier.  They seem to be turned off by big plates of food.  Sometimes they are revolted by large portions.  This different behaviour seems to be at the heart of controlling weight.

If you are overweight, imagine how your life would change if you just didn’t fancy large portions and you felt satisfied after eating a lot less food.  Suppose you found big plates of food revolting.  Just suppose you could behave just like all those thin people you know when it comes to eating.  How would your life change?

“Probably just 10 years ago, our average weight control client was around 13 to 14 stone – now it’s nearer 18 stone and often a lot bigger than that.” says Paul White, weight specialist at the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.  “We use hypnotherapy to change a client’s behaviour in relation to food.  When we achieve this the resolution seems to have a lot more longevity to it.  If the change can be maintained long enough the new behaviour becomes the norm and weight gain becomes something they used to do.”

This type of solution seems to be a lot more effective.  Many weight loss diets and programs try to control what and how much food the client eats.  The problem with this, as we all know from experience, is that this type of weight control focuses the client’s mind on food, which is almost teasing the client and really is the last thing they need.

The ideal scenario is for the client to return to a more appropriate eating behaviour without having to think about it.  If we can get the client into a more healthy lifestyle at the same time mores the better.

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