Achieve Great Health and Fitness with this Amazing Weight Loss Method

“Join Celebrities like Boy George and Beyonce in achieving your health and fitness goal today!” Lead singer and songwriter of Culture Club, Boy George, has recently been in the spotlight due to his dramatic weight-loss. Boy George, 51, shocked the world with pictures he posted on twitter of his new slimmer self, looking fitter and …

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Lifestyle Changes Key to Dropping the Pounds in 2013

Losing weight in 2013 is a common New Year’s resolution, but experts say that few of them take the necessary steps to accomplish their goal.
But research shows that following a few rules can you change your lifestyle and lose weight:

UK men and women are fatter than ever.By Paul Howard

Both UK men and women are in Europe’s fattest top ten.

The fact is that there is a direct correlation between our weight increase and the increase in sugars that we eat. It is said that in the UK we eat on average 2 pounds of sugar every week. It is not all sugars that are the problem…..

Ambulances are set to get bigger!By Paul Howard

Ambulances are the latest vehicles to face up to one inarguable fact – as a nation, we are getting bigger and that poses a huge design headache.

Nowadays warnings about rising obesity levels are in almost every headline – as a result of which, ironically, the advice suggests we need to be moving more and eating less. Surprise surprise! The point is that the vast majority of people who are overweight already know that. The problem is how do they achieve that.

The Surrey Institute tackles the obesity problem from a different angle.

GP’s are finding effective ways to cut the NHS bill

The government has announced this week its new mental health strategy for England and promises an extra £400m for therapies, such as counselling, so as to increase access to them by 60% by 2015. This together with the shift of NHS spending to the GP’s might explain why we at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy have been approached by two local GP’s this week to discuss sending their patients to us for effective help with smoking cessation.